Credit: Travelling The World via Facebook

Minnesota – “Welcome to the US version of Canada”

Credit: freeimages.com

Apparently, people say the state of Minnesota is the American version of Canada. So, I guess this means if you ever visit then you should expect to see a lot of very polite apologies… oh and snow, lots of thick, boring snow. This is because the climate of the state is a very typical continental climate, so the winters are extremely cold and frigid, but on the other spectrum the summers consist of crazy heat waves.

New York – “NYC is not all New York”

Credit: Jesus Miron Garcia via Pexels

If you ever ask an outsider about New York, the first thing they’ll tell you is about NYC’s towering skyscrapers and busy intersections full of yellow taxis and well dressed people. But of course this is not the same for all of New York, considering that NYC is not all that New York consists of! Tourists often seem to forget that, but who can blame them?

Maine – “1/2 yuppie, 1/2 hillbilly and also Stephen King”

Credit: Bangor Maine Police Department via Facebook

The description of “1/2 yuppie, 1/2 hillbilly and Stephen King” paints a very specific yet vague picture – do you get it yet? Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947, where he made his first professional short story sale in 1967 to Startling Mystery Stories. Well if anything, this whole heartedly explains why King wrote all those creepy novels!

Washington – “Trees and weed and water and rain and coffee”

Credit: 365 Things To Do In Scenic Washington State via Facebook

I mean as boring as this was probably meant to sound, I actually think this sounds quite relaxing. Very similar to just having a break of fresh air it feels like, as if its somewhere we’d want to go on our summer break to just relax and unwind. I mean lets be honest, any of those combinations would work over a weekend wouldn’t they!

Arizona: “Beige in everyway imaginable”

Credit: Visit Arizona via Facebook

Sunny Arizona was described to just be beige, beige in everyway possible. And whilst this may be true, and I imagine very boring for residents, this has got to be one of the best places for that exact reason! The landmarks and environment within this state must be like no other – pair it with its hot sun and you’ve got the perfect summer break! Now all that’s missing in that description is “sunburn”…

Hawaii: “You’re not welcome, but we’ll take your money”

Credit: Dining Out Hawaii via Facebook

Well, what can we say? It is a popular tourist destination, whereby you tourists trample all over our ancient artifacts, pollute our crystal seas waters and book up all our nice hotels – the least you can do is give us your money! But, on the other hand, Hawaii is such a beautiful, breathtaking place that who can blame tourists for wanting to come visit?!

Texas – “The most ‘Murican’ part of America”

Credit: Dan The Beast Severn via Facebook

This is the most accurate sentence to describe a state by far. I mean, come on, if America could be summed up by one state – it would without a doubt be Texas! It’s the most ‘Murica one of them all, apparently. If you are a foreigner looking for a real taste of American culture, without the tourists, then Texas is the place to go!

Wisconsin – “It’s too cold to be sober”

Credit: Camp Wandawega via Facebook

If someone explains a state as “It’s too cold to be sober”, then clearly you should head to another state! It’s brilliant that there’s just one sentence to describe a state and something to do with drinking is straight away involved – it must truly be part of the Wisconsin culture! So maybe if you can appreciate a good beer or spirit, then this state could be for you!

Alabama – “We may be 49th in everything, but thank god for Mississippi”

Credit: Sweet Home Alabama via Facebook

“Thank god for Mississippi” is a commonly used phrase by Americans particularly down the South who are thankful for that state for filling the 50th worst state spot automatically. But coming in close 49th in Alabama, specifically for their lack of education compared to other states. But at least it’s a nice scenic place for its residents – Sweet Home Alabama!

Alaska – “We can’t actually see Russia from our backyards”

Credit: Travelling The World via Facebook

Locals from Alaska claim that they can’t actually see Russia from their backyards. Maybe that’s why everyone goes the long way around instead of crossing by boat! We just don’t believe it – of course they can see Russia from their gardens! It’s the only reasonable explanation!