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A monster of a bat

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Meet the Roofhanger, a sizable bat indigenous to Australia. But don’t be fooled by its apparent stillness. This bat isn’t just hanging around in search of prey. It’s actually drying off after a heavy rainfall the previous night. Its outstretched wings, carefully positioned to catch the sun’s warm rays, help to evaporate the moisture and restore its sleek, dry coat.

This dinosaur-looking lizard

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Australia is also home to some of the biggest lizards you’ll ever come across. Despite not being the largest by a long shot, this remarkable lizard has some vibrant colors and intricate patterns, more than enough to give anyone a shock if they looked out their window at the wrong time.

A giant spider is a common sight

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Meet the huntsman spider, a mostly-harmless creature. The huntsman spider is a fascinating arachnid that often finds its way into the corners of Aussie farmhouses. Despite their imposing size and intimidating appearance, these creatures are surprisingly harmless to humans. If you find solace in this information, you’ll be happy to know they’re relatively common in Australia.

Pythons can swallow crocodiles whole

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Wow! That’s quite scary and shows how risky Australia can be. The python easily defeated the alligator. Things in Australia don’t always happen the way we expect, and this picture proves that snakes are in charge. Australia’s unique wildlife and natural wonders continue to captivate adventurers from around the world, offering an unforgettable and thrilling experience for those brave enough to explore its untamed beauty.

10kg Araucaria pine cones are bigger than your head

Credit: Rodmunch99 via Wikimedia Commons

In Australia, you’ll come across a type of cone known as Araucaria pine cones. These cones are abundant and can weigh over six pounds. Be cautious, as if one were to fall on your car window, it could easily shatter it. The sheer size and weight of these cones serve as a testament to the remarkable diversity and natural wonders that Australia has to offer.

Bodybuilding Gu-Roo

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Kangaroos are surprisingly muscular. Worse still, if they’re provoked they can become aggressive. It’s estimated that there are 42.5 million kangaroos in Australia – almost double the amount of people. They can also hop a whopping 25 feet in a single jump! They hang out in mobs of 50 other roos, so you may want to give them a wide berth.

This monster of a crocodile

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Meet the saltwater crocodile, a frequent inhabitant of Australian rivers. This particular gigantic crocodile measures just over six feet in length and weighs slightly over 500 pounds. Interestingly, it has earned the nickname “Nifty” from fishermen who navigate the deep and treacharous waters of Australia.

Is there a bug on my boy? Or a boy on the bug?

Credit: iamthipro69420 via Reddit

Once again, we have an example of the harmless bug and insect species found in Australia. This particular creature belongs to the unique family of stick insects that are native exclusively to Australia. With their incredible camouflage abilities, these stick insects blend seamlessly into their surroundings, showcasing the remarkable adaptations found in Australia’s diverse insect life.

Spider frost across the woods

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Witness the astonishing work of spiders in Australia during the night. Can you believe they have constructed this multitude of webs in just a single evening? Interestingly, this intricate web-building phenomenon is referred to as “Spider Frost” due to its resemblance to a snowy landscape.

Get the shock of a lifetime

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Due to the infestation, it will be quite some time before anyone dares to check this electric meter reading. This particular species of funnel spider is exclusive to Australia and cannot be found elsewhere. In this image, you can observe the emergence of baby spiders hatching from their eggs, suggesting that this area has been undisturbed for quite a while.

Spiders come along for the ride

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Imagine driving along a highway, only to look up and see a massive spider crawling along your ceiling. That’s exactly what happened to this unfortunate posse of travelers, before they bravely propped it out of the window with a stick. Despite the spider’s terrifyingly gigantic size, it’s not dangerous, and usually runs away from humans.

Spiders fall from the sky

Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

You may think that the beautiful sky views are enough to make up for Australia’s horrors. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, as spiders falling from the sky is a very real thing. When water accumulates on lower levels, spiders find higher elevations, then fall out of place once the rain hits.

Snakes lurk in your toilet

Credit: 9 News Australia via YouTube

Stumbling to use the toilet at three in the morning comes with its own risks – including being bitten by a lurking serpent. Australians have to check their toilet before every use, just in case of any hidden predators, lingering and waiting to take a bite out of their flesh.

Spiders hide in your sneakers

Credit: ViralHog via YouTube

Spiders lurk at every turn in Australia, including your shoes. Australians have to check the insides of their shoes before sliding their feet in, checking every single day for the presence of deadly spiders. What would you do if you saw a creepy arachnid hiding in your sneakers?

Birds attack you

Credit: 7NEWS Australia via YouTube

Birds are safe, right? Nope, even they can act aggressively, chasing you down the street if they consider you to be a threat. Magpies, pewees, butcher birds, and plovers are all known to attack humans. In fact, there’s even a name for it – swooping season – and it lasts for half a year, every year.

Bushfires rage

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It’s not just the animals in Australia that are dangerous, it’s also the environment itself. 2020 saw one of the worst bushfires in history. The blazes burnt an estimated 24.3 million hectares, destroyed over 3,000 buildings, made select species go extinct, and sadly took 34 lives.

Giant lizards may join you for a meal

Credit: CTV Your Morning via YouTube

This gigantic lizard decided to stroll into a restaurant in New South Wales, Australia, much to the dismay of its diners. As customers screamed in terror, a brave waitress showed no fear as she grabbed the reptile by the tail, dragging it out of the eatery.

Fancy a dip? You may have company

Credit: Catch Em All Fishing with Zak Catch em via YouTube

To cool off, many Australian locals have a swimming pool in their backyard. Occasionally, an extra guest slithers its way into the cool waters – like this huge king cobra who decided to take a dip. Thankfully, snake catchers were able to safely remove the critter and return it to its natural habitat.

Wanna swim in the ocean? Forget about it

Credit: @matthewgorne via Instagram

This Aussie kayaker had a near-death experience when a great white shark lunged at him, aiming to take a chunk out of his oar – likely thinking it was an animal. The terrifying footage is enough to make anyone never want to go near Australia’s oceans ever again.

This tiny jellyfish has a massive sting

Credit: The10thDoctorWhovian via Reddit

Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, this 1-2cm critter is one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean. The Irukandji jellyfish has stingers all over its body, which can prove fatal to humans. Worse still, this jellyfish is rare in that it actively hunts its prey.

This kangaroo was looking for a fight

Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston via YouTube

If you think you’ve seen all of Australia’s strange sights, think again. This man found himself in a boxing match with a kangaroo, who was aggressively pursuing his dog. The marsupial kicked out at the man, before receiving a swift punch to the face. Eventually, the roo backed down, hopping off into the distance.

Toxic toads can kill your pets

Credit: Real Science via YouTube

Cane toads are becoming Australia’s latest problem, wreaking havoc on its ecosystem. These poisonous critters are toxic enough to kill birds, reptiles, and mammals – even harming Aussie’s pets. Though they don’t pose a fatal threat to humans, it’s still best to avoid these toxic toads.

Dead whales make for an unusual sight

Credit: Bigbang news via YouTube

This explorer couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the remains of this dead whale lingering on the surface of the ocean, looking like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. Whale carcasses often attract tiger sharks, the predators feasting on the remains, meaning it’s best to steer clear of the unusual sight.

Coyotes may attack your pets

Credit: Antillar_Maximus via Reddit

Coyotes are sometimes known to attack pets, seeing your furry pal as a late-night snack. Even if they don’t purposely attack dogs, they still pose a risk due to the diseases they carry. Coyotes are littered with rabies, worms, hepatitis, fleas, and parvovirus – making their fangs the least of your worries.

There’s giant pink slugs that live inside volcanos

Credit: Don_Bonnigan via Reddit

Atop an extinct volcano lives the Kaputar, a gigantic pink slug that can grow up to an enormous 20cm in length. Local rangers state that you can often see hundreds of the massive creatures after a heavy rainfall, foraging for lichen and moss. Although they don’t pose a risk to humans, they’re certainly likely to give you the creeps.

A frog feasting on a snake? Just another day in Oz

Credit: DrunkAzSkunk via Imgur

To protect yourself from deadly snakes, all you need is a treefrog – who shows no fear in guzzling down venomous serpents. The taipan bite can kill humans within 24 hours – so it’s a miracle that this frog managed to survive ingesting such high levels of venom.

Even the crabs are gigantic

Credit: BasedOnAir via Reddit

These coconut crabs are a terrifying sight, spanning up to one metre. Thankfully, these creatures are placid and slow-moving, having more interest in cracking open a coconut than they are in attacking a tourist. The worst they do is occasionally steal humans’ possessions, in one case even swiping a rifle from park staff.

Sssspices with a side of snake?

Credit: Sunrise via YouTube

If you thought supermarkets were safe from Australia’s horrors, you’d be mistaken. This woman captured the terrifying footage of a diamond python emerging from the spice aisle, staring directly at her. Thankfully, the woman in question was a trained snake handler, knowing how to expertly remove the serpent.

Even the caterpillars are horrifying

Credit: RedViper27 via Reddit

It’s pretty common to see lines of these fuzzy critters while they’re trying to find food sources, banding together in one huge line to look more imposing to potential predators. Their fuzzy fur is irritating to humans, but thankfully not lethal. Besides, these caterpillars are slow-moving enough that they’re easy enough to avoid.

Their worms are HUGE

Credit: gDisasters via Reddit

It’s not just spiders and snakes that are massive in the land down under – their worms are gigantic, too. The aptly named giant Gippsland earthworm can grow up to three meters in length, though their bodies are capable of expansion, making them seem much longer than they actually are.

A risk of death while getting gas? No thanks

Credit: Lugozivia Reddit

Aussies are able to stare in the face of death and not even flinch. That’s exactly what this driver experienced, after coming face-to-face with this gigantic serpent lingering amongst the gas pipes. Thankfully, these snakes only attack humans when they feel threatened, so leaving their removal to the professionals is the best cause of action.

You don’t even want to know what this thing is

Credit: kuttdy2206 via Reddit

The Dofleinia armata is an extremely rare anemone that can cause serious injury to humans if touched. This specimen was found washed up on a beach in Broome, snapped by a terrified mother and daughter-in-law. Injuries sustained from this creature are extremely painful and can take months to heal.

That’s one way to get out of a speeding ticket

Credit: 7NEWS Australia via YouTube

A bewildered police officer came face to face with a deadly snake when he pulled over a driver for speeding. The driver explained that a snake was slithering in his footwell, curling around his leg. He removed the creature, before driving at high speeds to try and escape the ordeal.

This poor soul saw this sign AFTER their hike

Credit: Imgur

Imagine enjoying a blissful walk through Australia’s wilds, taking in the beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine. Then, you see a sign that tells you you’ve just strolled through a tiger snake breeding ground. That’s exactly what happened to this unfortunate Reddit user. Tiger snakes are one of the deadliest serpents in the world, so this hiker had a very lucky escape indeed.

Even the weather is out to get you

Credit: CCPearson via Reddit

Giant hailstones bigger than 16cm wreaked havoc across Queensland in 2021, damaging cars and smashing windows. With hailstones as big as residents’ hands, it broke the country’s record for largest hailstones – the previous entry being 14cm. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured by the colossal crystals.

Snakes even hide in the ceilings

Credit: CeterumCenseo85 via Reddit

Finding snakes in ceilings is a surprisingly common occurrence in the land down under. Aussies have reported carpet pythons crashing through their roofs, landing on their laps. Seeing a massive serpent snaking its way out of a light fixture is enough to make most people leave their homes and never return.

A cute little octopus? Nope, that’s deadly too

Credit: KimCureAll via Reddit

This cute and colorful critter is one of the deadliest animals on the planet. The blue-ringed octopus is a highly venomous species found in tide pools and reefs across Australia’s coasts. They can change shape easily, helping them to hide in deep crevices, awaiting their prey. If not treated, contact with these creatures can lead to death within minutes.

Bugs are the size of mammals

Credit: Cane-toads-suck via Reddit

The appropriately named titan stick insect has a body length of around 22-27cm, making them one of the biggest insects in the world. Even more terrifying, the males are able to fly through the air, while the female can produce up to 1000 eggs in her lifetime.

Termite mounds are as big as sheds

Credit: jrs_welch via Reddit

The various termite mounds found across Australia are some of the biggest non-man-made structures in the entire world. Some are up to a whopping four meters in height with a 30-meter diameter, housing thousands of termites. Thankfully, most termite mounds tend to outlive their colonies.

At least there’s plenty of spider food…

Credit: kearvelli via Reddit

With all of the flies found in Australia, it’s no wonder it’s got such a high spider population. While the flies themselves are harmless, you can’t help but get a shiver up your spine when you consider that having a swarm of them land on you turns you into a walking, talking spider feast.