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If you often see zeros, this means there are going to be new opportunity’s coming your way. If you witness these zeros in a sequence (000), it could mean that these new opportunities signify a fresh start for you to start something new. A chance for you to start a new adventure that you’ve been anticipating for a while.


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The number one is quite possibly the strongest manifestation number out there. It works with your angels, guides and ancestors to help you direct yourself to your ideal future. If you see it in a sequence (111), then this means that you should make a wish for your future and set an intention. The angel number one is seen as a green light from the universe for you to plant a seed for your future.


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Experiencing a two sequence (222) can mean that someone within the spiritual realm is guiding you to where you need to go in life. This could be directing you to the path where you meet your future partner, or getting on track to get your dream job. Twos suggest balance, trust and alignment, so its the perfect time to reach out to your most trusted companion.


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If you keep seeing the number three, in a sequence or not, this means its time for you to add your unique talents or skills to a situation in order for you to find more value in the circumstances that are surrounding you. The sequence 333 means to use your magnetic creativity and lean into your innate gifts – the opportunities that could come from it could be intense!


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Seeing a sequence of fours demonstrates a feeling of stability that is coming your way. It shows that you should be beginning to come into a state of grounding an rooting that’s really built to last. Whether this could be family, relationship or even job wise – it could be in any aspect of your life. This spiritual number is about establishing trust with those around you to provide yourself with a secure infrastructure.


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Five suggests that immense changes to your life are about to happen. People often see this number when they are in crisis or feeling stuck, it’s a way to feel hope about whats next to come. These changes could be beginning to happen behind closed doors or spiritually, but trust that it will make its way to you eventually and you will feel a huge shift within your life.


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Six can sometimes have relations to the devil, especially when seen in a sequence of three (666) – so many fear seeing it. However, it can also mean that angel is helping you with providing you with compassion and support. Sometimes, 6 is a reminder to treat yourself with kindness and not to be too hard on yourself. Even if things don’t go your way, it does not mean that you should blame yourself.


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Just like at a casino, seven means luck! This could be in numerous ways, but it often correlates to financial-luck, meaning that money could be making its way to you one way or another. Seven encourages you to step outside your comfort zone in a way to make new monetary opportunities.


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Those who believe in an afterlife will be extremely grateful to see a sequence of eight in their surroundings. This is because its a sign that they’re receiving emotional support from the supernatural, maybe loved ones who have passed. Eight relates to the infinity sign, so its a sign that their is an endless loop that can transcend in any lifetime.


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Since nine is the last single digit, seeing nine appear in your life often signifies that a chapter is going to close – meaning you are going to begin a brand new journey. Therefore, seeing the the sequence of nine along with a sequence of zero go hand in hand, and basically means there will be a positive burst of new beginnings coming your way!