Who Are You Calling Chubby?


Lane Bryant is still in business, however the company has, not surprisingly, changed the name of it’s product line away from ‘chubbies’ to avoid any controversies. First of all the part where it says ‘every-thing is priced the same as ‘regular sizes” sounds as though they are wanting a round of applause for having inclusive prices. If I was gifted this book and I saw the ‘for teens too chubby to fit into regular sizes’ I think I would have cried.

Lighting Up

Credit: boredpanda.com

Very few doctors smoke these days, in fact many would rather give someone a lecture on the damage smoking can cause rather than hand over a lighter. The article states that 113,997 doctors were involved in a nationwide study to look into cigarette performance, but in their defense – these crazy studies had to be done for us to know the damage it causes today!

If he wants cake, he should bake it!


If this Kitchen Aid is this amazing, sweet kitchen luxury, then the man should be excited enough to use it himself! I especially love the photo they decided to include, the woman happily using her new Kitchen Aid with her husband watching over, making sure she’s doing everything right. Everyone knows that if that was real life, the husband would be the one setting it up (tasked to do by the wife of course).

It’s not organic!


Believe it or not, poison and fresh produce don’t pair very well these days. In fact, DDT is illegal now – so there’s no chance this advert would see the light of day if it was created today. It was banned because of the harmful effects it has on wildlife and our environment, not to mention the many animal studies it was involved in that suggested it is harmful towards humans and their reproductive system!

This is just down-right rude


Women are not the root-cause of STD’s, but you would never know from this ad. Maybe instead of blaming women for the spread of STD’s, why did they not think to blame the men for constantly cheating on their wives and turning to other ‘methods’ instead?! What I want to know is, did this women in the ad know what she was signing up for when she supposedly agreed to do this article? Because boy-oh-boy, I would not want my face plastered all over the streets on an advertisement like this!

Straight people like it too!


Once upon a time, ‘gay’ meant to be happy, however if you were to run this ad today you would get more than just a few frowns. It is beyond obvious that you do not have to be gay to enjoy this drink! Someone’s relationship status has literally no correlation with your likes and dislikes – of course apart from who you have a crush on etc! I especially laugh at the word ‘gaiety’ – maybe they should next create a drink that only ‘dumb’ people can drink so that it can increase their knowledge of proper words!

Selling Suicide


To be fair, it is unknown what this advertisement is really selling, however if we based it on the photo at the top – it seems to be promoting some pretty dark stuff. This ad photo would never be approved by anyone in this day and age, and for good reason!

Racism and Dandruff


What I don’t understand is why Indian culture was even brought into the conversation? What did it even have to do with anything? This blatant racism wasn’t the only disgusting thing to be included in this ad – it was also its wacky claims! Seriously guys, not only did this crazy racist brand create a hairbrush that preserves your hair from dandruff, it also cures you from a headache and neuralgia! Wow! This brand is clearly out of business now, and we are not sad to see it go.

Promoting female rivalry one ad at a time


Its so funny that these ads literally blamed the women for the husband cheating – not the man for his unloyalty. I’m sorry but everyone has morning breath, were they expected to quickly get out of bed and brush their teeth before their husband woke up every morning? What makes me laugh about this ad is the emphasis on the woman’s husband going to work – ‘no wife wants her husband to carry the memory of her morning breath to work with him’.

Let your babies breath!


Cellophane might be good for your leftovers, but that’s because they aren’t alive! It should never, repeat, never go over a child’s face as it can prevent them from breathing due to their fresh air consumption being blocked. This company ran several ads with babies, what were they thinking? The bow is literally sealed at the top, no wonder the baby on the right has his mouth open most likely gasping for air! Was it really necessary to even include babies in their ads? What did they have anything to do with it?