If you know anything about Virgos, then you know they make amazing best friends.



I hope that everyone can at least experience a friendship with a Virgo in their lifetime, just so they realize how invaluable the sign really is.

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1. Virgos are completely loyal.

They are one hundred percent loyal, but they aren’t clingy. I have to say this is my overall favorite thing about them. They will always have your back, but they don’t take it personally when you need a little time to yourself.

2. They tell it like it is.

They have a reputation for being a little harsh, but that’s just because they don’t have the heart to lie. They don’t believe in beating around the bush or sugar coating anything. They get straight to the point and tell the truth. This is another reason you can always trust them.


3. They will never give less than their best.

They definitely are notorious for their perfectionism. They don’t cut corners and they don’t settle for second-best. You know what that means? They will always be the perfect maid-of-honor and will throw you the best birthday parties!


4. If you have a problem, your Virgo friends will solve it for you.

They love to help their friends and they naturally analyze everything. They can definitely be trusted to help you when you are in a tough situation.

5. They give great advice.

Virgos are really analytical, observant and judgemental. But that’s okay because they can usually get a really good grasp on a person when they meet them. This especially comes in handy when you need dating advice. They will tell you everything they pick up on, just be prepared to listen to a long list.


6. Your Virgo friend will remember the little things.

They might seem a little hard on the outside, but on the inside they have a hundred emotions. They pay attention to every little thing and they don’t forget it, especially if it’s something that makes their friends happy.

They will remember everything you tell them, all of your favorite and least favorite things. They know how to cheer you up, what to do for you when your mad and how far they can push you when you need to get motivated. That’s serious dedication.

7. Virgos get it done.

These guys are determined and they don’t believe in procrastination. They don’t have the time or the patience to sit around and wait for something to get done. They get up and they do it. Need someone to help you reach a goal? Need last minute help ASAP? Count on a Virgo.

8. Your Virgo won’t ever brag about how great he or she is… probably.

They are mostly modest about how awesome they are. The kind of friends who will drop everything when you need them and not expect a single thing in return. They don’t keep score and they definitely won’t ever make you feel like you aren’t as good as they are. They’re just awesome like that.


So if you don’t have a Virgo friend, I suggest you start looking!