In case you’re reading this presently, it’s presumably on the grounds that you, as Beyoncé, are a Virgo.



Alternately, perhaps it implies you, much like Jay-Z, are sufficiently fortunate to have a Virgo in your life. In any case, congrats!

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The Virgo is the best sign in the zodiac. (Alright, that is an exceptionally one-sided sentiment, however, it doesn’t make it any less genuine.)

One truly wonderful truth about Virgos, however, is they make awesome companions and shockingly better BFFs.

On the off chance that you know a Virgo, I’m certain you’re acquainted with the motivations to become a close acquaintance with a Virgo, however here are a best’s couple, in the event that you required reminding:

1. Virgos are steadfast AF.

They’ve by one means or another figured out how to strike the ideal harmony between being steadfast and not being super clingy.

In this way, on the off chance that you require some uninterrupted alone time, it’s all great; your Virgo companion gets it. Be that as it may, simply recall, in case you’re squad now, you’re squad forever.

2. They’ll let you know as is it, straight up.

By and large, Virgos are known for being a bit cruel. In any case, hey, it’s a result of their down to earth mentalities. In the event that you make an inquiry, you’ll get a straight reply.

There will be no cushion or shrinking away from the issue. Which sounds a little sh*tty, yet your Virgo companion simply doesn’t need you to stroll around living a falsehood. Besides, consider it along these lines: Every good thing they say in regards to you is totally honest and certifiable.


3. A Virgo will arrange your birthday party, and it’ll generally be the best.

As known sticklers, Virgos frequently endeavor to verify everything is on point. Additionally, one of their primary objectives in life is assisting their loved ones. Interpretation? They make pro gathering organizers.

Will they go down the diva way a tad bit if everything’s not meeting up? All things considered, possibly. Be that as it may, it’s out of affection.

By the day’s end, you’ll get an amazing hoedown. Win-win!


4. On the off chance that you have an issue, your Virgo companions will explain it for you.

They adore assisting their companions, however, they may love examining things only a touch more. Truly, in case you’re in a sticky situation, abandon it to a Virgo to look over the better focuses until he or she can discover you an answer.

Regardless of the fact that you don’t discover an answer, in any event you’ll feel better knowing your Virgo companion is totally in your corner (allude to point one).

5. Need some sweetheart/sweetheart exhortation? Look no further.

Virgos are super expository and attentive, which is extraordinary. But at the same time they’re normally judgmental, which, you know, doesn’t appear to be all that extraordinary.

In any case, listen to me: Usually, Virgos just utilize their forces for good, and frequently, these qualities consolidate to make them really magnificent at knowing individuals’ characters. They’re cautious with the general population they let into their lives and prepare to be blown away. They can sniff out a rotten one from 50 miles away.


Significance, in case you’re risky about that new gentleman/gal you’re dating, and you need your Virgo companions to lay it hard and fast for you, they’ll most likely let you know what’s up with an unnerving level of precision.

6. Your Virgo companion will recall the easily overlooked details.

Alright, so Virgos aren’t the most passionate individuals all things considered.

Within, then again, a Virgo is regularly brimming with billions of musings and feelings, however, his or her outside stays cool and gathered. Which implies a Virgo doesn’t generally express love in the clearest of ways. Rather, your Virgo BFFs will reveal to it all the more inconspicuously.

They’ll recollect your most loved shading, attire brand and time of day, and some way or another make it all meet up for a fun birthday shock. They’ll recall your most loved frozen yogurt flavor and treat you to it when you’re dismal.

They’ll recollect precisely how you like your espresso and convey it to you in the event that you have a hard day ahead.

Hell, they’ll considerably recall that you got debilitated on the tequila that one time three years back, so whenever you’re experiencing an unpleasant time, they’ll get you vodka shots.

Guess what? That is genuine romance.

7. Virgos complete sh*t.

As they are a standout amongst the most decided zodiac signs, you can practically depend on your Virgo companions to complete everything.

You folks have an undertaking you have to chip away at? Your Virgo companion is verifying everything goes easily. You have an objective you have to reach? Your Virgo BFF is instructing you from the other side, verifying you stay gainful and objective situated. You require some help, and you require it done well? Look no further.


A Virgo is in your corner, completing stuff.

8. Your Virgo won’t ever gloat about how awesome he or she is… presumably.

Virgos are super unobtrusive (more often than not). Importance, they’ll go well beyond what it intends to be a marvelous BFF, and they won’t even help you to remember the included exertion they put in.

The pleasure is all mine!