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Super early wake up

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Cook claims to wake up every single morning at 3:45am. Whilst the majority of us are still drooling into our pillows, he’s up bright and early ready to start his very long day. Have you ever gotten up that early for a normal work day?

Starting work straight away

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The early rise may seem more realistic now, as Cook immediately opens his emails checking work and communications for the day. But not just a couple of early morning emails, he checks up to 800 each and every morning. Imagine responding to 800 texts every day!

A CEO’s breakfast

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After fighting through those 800 lengthy emails, Cook then treats himself to a pretty balanced breakfast. He usually goes for eggs and turkey bacon, along with some sugar free cereal. You’d think a big dose of sugar would be needed after waking up that early.

5am gym session

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Again, even before most of us are awake, Cook is getting a sweat on in the gym. Even though Apple HQ has a state of the art gym within, Cook chooses to go to a private undisclosed gym. This is probably to avoid even more interactions so early in the day.

Getting ready for the day

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Showering and changing after his workout, Cook gets ready to start his long work day. Even for someone with a net-worth of $1 billion, Cook isn’t known for splashing his cash on excessive or expensive designer clothing. He’s even said he buys his basics from everyday grocery stores, so his usual work outfit is comfort over chic.

Caffeine fix

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On his way to work, Cook stops by his nearest Starbucks for his coffee to grab a much needed caffeine boost and read even more emails. You’d think 800 already would have been enough for him! Ever wonder what a billionaire’s Starbucks order is?

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings

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Employees at Apple HQ have said Cook is generally polite, laid back and calm. However he loves to throw a million questions right out the gate during his daily meetings. Cook says this is to make sure all his employees know the Apple product head to toe, in order to give the best advice and knowledge to the Apple customer.

Lunch time

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Often enjoying lunch in the Apple HQ cafeteria, Cook is usually seen sat casually chatting and eating with any and all employees of the HQ. He says getting to know the opinions and thoughts of staff from all levels is helpful and insightful for a successful company.

Last man standing

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Even after his typical 12 hour work day, Cook is always the last person to leave the office – a personal rule of his, unless he has an important appointment. Working hard to ensure the next day can go smoothly and constantly looking for new ways to improve the company.

Finally, time to sleep

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Early night, early rise. Cook’s bedtime is 8:45pm, allowing him to get a good solid 7 hours of sleep, ready to do it all again the next day. Other famous CEO’s like Jeff Bezos also value their sleep, it must be the key to success.