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1. You’ll get a protein boost

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Getting your protein fix for the day is absolutely essential and certain types of yogurt, such as Greek yogurt, are perfect for giving a protein boost without lots of fat and sugar. This is essential because protein reduces hunger hormones and cravings, and helps to keep you full!

2. Can reduce cholesterol levels

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Yogurt is also believed to be great for you because it can help to help reduce blood cholesterol levels, according to science. A study from the Journal of Dairy Sciences found that daily consumption of yogurt by patients with Type 2 diabetes was linked to lower LDL, and lower total cholesterol levels.

3. Healthier blood pressure levels

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Improving your blood pressure levels is absolutely essential for your health, and this is something that yogurt consumption can help with. Regularly eating yogurt every day is good for the heart and helps to lower your blood pressure. The protein boost it provides can also reduces this too.

4. Great for your digestion

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Your body requires what is know as ‘good bacteria’ for healthy digestive function. You can achieve this by consuming foods containing probiotics. Choosing a type of yogurt that makes it clear on the label that it contains live cultures and probiotics is a great, easy way to improve digestion.

5. Increases your calcium intake

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Calcium is essential for helping to produce strong and healthy bones, and improving functionality of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. All milk products contain a lot of calcium, particularly yogurt. Eating dairy yogurt on a daily basis is a wonderful way of ensuring you get that calcium boost.

6. Supports your immune system

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Your immune system is a key part of keeping your health in check, and this is something that yogurt intake can help with. Yogurt contains probiotics that are essential for gut health, which is directly linked to improving your immune system. Additionally, it’s believed that probiotics prompt the synthesis of immune cells like lymphocytes.

7. May improve your mental wellness

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Mental health is so important, taking steps to improve and look after your mental well-being is just as important as protecting your physical health. There is a connection between gut and brain, and probiotics (found regularly in yogurt) can improve anxiety, depression, and stress-levels.

8. Your body will send signals of fullness to the brain

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Your body is going to send signals of fullness to the brain when you consume enough yogurt. Yogurts, such as Greek yogurt, that are rich in protein will ensure you feel more satisfied and full. Daily consumption gives you an added boost of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

9. Rush of vital nutrients

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Yogurt is packed full of many wonderful nutrients that will really help to benefit your body, aside from probiotics. Daily consumption of yogurt will help to provide you with additional doses of things like phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, which aid better sleep, a faster metabolism, and lower blood pressure.

10. Reduces risk of cancer

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Another great reason to ensure you are regularly consuming yogurt on a daily basis is because it contains anti-carcinogenic properties. It is known to offer protection to the body against things like colon, bladder, and breast cancer. Keeping up with your yogurt intake is pivotal for protecting long-term health.

11. Reduces inflammation

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Inflammation is something else that can be closely linked to illness and health problems, and this is why you need to make sure you reduce it as effectively as possible. The great thing about yogurt is that it consuming it on a regular basis can help to reduce inflammation in the body, and guard against disease.

12. Helps with weight loss

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If you are looking for great ways of helping to improve your health and well-being, weight loss can be one of the first steps. Regular yogurt intake means you get to enjoy a protein influx, which, as we determined earlier, sends fullness signals to the brain, in turn, preventing overeating.

13. Regulates metabolism

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Yogurt is packed full of nutrients, and can be very filling when consumed with a snack. Eating a few servings of it per week is really great for regulating your metabolism, and allowing you to keep on top of weight, as well as ensuring you boost your health in the process too.

14. Weight gain

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Of course, it’s not all plain sailing and, depending upon the type of yogurt you choose, it could cause unwanted weight gain. Eating two or three containers of flavored yogurt each day can add around 500 calories and 100 grams of sugar to your diet; instead opt for plain Greek yogurt where possible.

15. Exacerbate milk allergy

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You might also find that there are health concerns with eating yogurt every day if you have a milk allergy. This is because of the fact that those with this allergy find it hard to digest milk sugars (present in some yogurts), and this can lead to bloating, and might even cause a rash.

16. Feeling tired and sluggish

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Another thing that can occur if you eat yogurt every day is that you might feel sluggish and tired. This could be as a result of the yogurt itself – see a dietician if you feel this is the case – or it could be sugary and sweet toppings giving you a sugar crash. This is an uncommon outcome for most yogurt eaters, but it can happen.

17. Improves mood

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This one is kind of similar to the boost in mental health, and studies have found that yogurt is something that can actually improve your mood. If you want to feel happier and more upbeat, raising your daily yogurt intake is something that can help you to achieve this, and is a great health benefit.

18. Boost to circadian rhythm

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Circadian rhythm refers to your sleeping and waking cycle, and this is something that can actually be improved by eating yogurt regularly. People who eat yogurt on a daily basis have reported falling asleep more easily at night, and waking up more easily in the mornings too.

19. Increased productivity

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A result of the high protein volumes in yogurt, and the fact it leaves you feeling full for longer, is the fact that this can boost productivity. Because your body is feeling full for a longer period of time, it means you don’t have to break for lunch early, meaning you can get more done.

20. Meet nutrition requirements

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According to registered dieticians, making yogurt a staple of your overall diet is really going to help when it comes to meeting your nutritional requirements. Regular yogurt eaters are believed to consume 28% more vitamin D, 24% more calcium, and 13% more potassium than those who don’t eat yogurt

21. Make your teeth stronger teeth

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Another thing that can happen when you eat yogurt every day is that it can help make your teeth stronger. This is due to the high calcium levels that are present in yogurt, and this is great for keeping your teeth strong and healthy. In fact, many dentists actually recommend increasing yogurt intake to improve teeth.

22. Reduced risk of infection

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Something else that comes with eating yogurt every day is the reduced risk of infection. You want to be able to make sure your body and health and looked after, and the probiotics in yogurt is pivotal for helping to reduce the risk of certain infections.

23. Healthier skin

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When you eat a lot of yogurt, you might notice an improvement in your skin, and that it looks healthier, lighter, and softer. This is due to the properties in probiotics, as well as the fact that certain yogurts, such as Greek yogurt, contain lactic acid which helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

24. Helps with lactose intolerance

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Eating yogurt on a daily basis has a lot of key benefits, and one of them is the fact that it helps with lactose intolerance. Most yogurts contain live bacteria that helps to break down lactose, meaning the body has less to process on its own.

25. Faster recovery

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The protein present in yogurt provides plenty of benefits for the body, and one of the key things is that it aids faster muscle recovery after exercise. This makes it an essential addition to your diet, and something you can eat after working out to help boost recovery.

26. Improved breath

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Bad breath is something that can come about for a variety of different reasons. Probiotics is a great way of helping with oral health and bad breath, and this is because of the calcium present in it. As such, yogurt reduces the levels of Hydrogen Sulfide in the mouth that cause bad breath.

27. Gives you a vitamin boost

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Getting the right vitamin intake to help make you healthier and look after your mind and body is absolutely essential. And vitamins like B12 and riboflavin are present in yogurt, all of which can help to give your body the boost it needs, and this is why daily yogurt consumption is essential.

28. Promotes healthy hair

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When you eat yogurt everyday, there are a lot of physical benefits to it, and one of the best ones is that it promotes healthy hair. Because yogurt is packed with protein, it is great for your hair, and it’s also full of vitamin B5, which helps with blood flow to the scalp.

29. Better vision

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It’s not just your physical and mental health that can be improved by eating yogurt everyday; it’s also great for making your vision better. One of the key benefits of yogurt is that it contains vitamin A and zinc, both of which are ideal for helping to improve eye health.

30. Reduces risk of osteoporosis

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When you are looking to get your diet as balanced as possible, you need to make sure you are consuming the right foods, and yogurt plays a major role in helping improve your overall health. The great thing about yogurt is that it contains calcium and vitamin D, which is perfect for helping you to build stronger bones.

31. Can help with healthy pregnancy

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Another thing that can happen if you eat yogurt everyday is that it can really help to contribute to a healthy pregnancy. The calcium in yogurt can help with baby’s teeth and bone development, and yogurt also contains many other nutrients that can aid pregnancy, such as potassium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

32. Lowers risk of a stroke

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There are a lot of things that will help you to improve your long-term health, and eating yogurt on a daily basis plays a big role in this. According to studies, eating yogurt regularly each week is linked to around a 20% lower risk of having a stroke.

33. Alleviates symptoms of IBS

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IBS is one of the most uncomfortable and nerve-wracking health conditions you can have, and this is something you can alleviate by eating yogurt everyday. This is due to the probiotics that are present in yogurt, which can put healthy bacteria back into your gut.

34. Reduced risk of eczema

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If you are looking to improve your health and well-being, taking steps to improve your skin is essential. Eczema is something that affects all of us, and regular yogurt intake can reduce the risk of eczema, due to the probiotics that can reduce inflammation, and boost skin microbiome.

35. Healthier aging

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As you age, it is very important to make sure you look after your health and wellness, and eating yogurt everyday helps you keep on top of this. The valuable nutrients found in the yogurt are essential for helping boost your well-being as you age. According to research, eating a pot of yogurt everyday is linked to reduced risk of dying from any cause.

36. Improves workouts

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As we know, one of the best things about yogurt is that it is stacked full of protein, which is great for helping to energize you. This is essential for helping improve the work out experience, and leave you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to burn off these calories.

37. Stronger nails

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If you eat yogurt everyday, there are plenty of health benefits that link to this, as well as aesthetic benefits. Greek yogurt, in particular, is full of protein and calcium, two things that are absolutely essential for helping to improve and increase nail health and strength.

38. More balanced hormones

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Having balanced hormones is important for helping to improve your mental health and well-being, and this is something that regular yogurt intake can help with. Probiotics and good bacteria, both main elements of yogurt, are key for helping to balance your hormones.

39. Relief from constipation

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The great thing about yogurt is that it is full of live cultures and probiotics, and these are key for gut health. The bacteria that turns milk into yogurt is also essential for your digestive tract, and this is something that provides much-needed relief from constipation.

40. Lowers stress levels

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Regular consumption of yogurt is great for promoting healthy gut bacteria, and this is something that links to better mental health and lower stress levels. What’s more, yogurt can also increase the production of serotonin, which is essential for helping increase the production of mood-boosting signals in the brain.