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Cats just don’t need us!

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It seems like dogs are much more excited to be greeted by us than cats, but that’s not because cats don’t like us – it’s because they don’t NEED us! A study found that dogs need more safety and security from their owners than cats do, making them much more independent. In the study, cats and owners were placed in an unfamiliar environment and it was seen that although they enjoyed the company of their owner, they preferred to explore it on their own.

But they really do love us!

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A recent study from Oregon State University found that,unexpectedly, cats may actually prefer human interaction over food! 50 cats were denied human interaction, toys and food for 2 hours and when they all came back to them, 50% of the cats went straight back to their owners! So maybe our cats aren’t as unsociable as we thought? Maybe they actually like us!

They can help you find love

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Want the chance to find the love of your life? Don’t take your dog on a walk… take your cat! A UK survey found 90% of women think that men who own a cat are deemed as nicer than those who don’t. This was because they believed that a male affection for felines is a positive attribute and that the cuddles they may give the cat is a correspondent of the love they’d give to them!

They can basically be your best friend!

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Another study from the University of Vienna found that a cat to human relationship has similar attributes to a human to human relationship. This is due to factors like; cats mold to their owners behaviour, there is often an intense bond with female owners, both can portray their feelings to one another through subtle expressions and cats can remember and respond to their owners acts of kindness. Altogether, it sounds like a recipe for the perfect relationship!

Owning a cat makes you smarter than most

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Rsearch revealed that dog owners often portray an outgoing and lively personality whereas cat owners would score higher in general intelligence. This was through the research that cat owners were more likely to have a university degree than dog owners, this may because cats are lower maintenance and are a handy pet if you have long working hours. And then dog owners may act more lively because they will shop for a pet with similar attributes to them!

Cats will keep you really healthy

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You’d assume that having a cat who sleeps 70% of the day will keep you unfit, however that’s quite the opposite. It was found that owning a cat will reduce your risk of heart disease by 30% due to a cats calm demeanor and interactions which in turn act as a stress reliever. It’s also believed that cats have a high allergy rate in humans, meaning early exposure to felines will decrease a child’s risk of developing allergies.

They can even heal themselves!

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Ever heard the saying ‘a cat has 9 lives’, well due to their healing abilities – that’s most likely true! A cat’s purr is often related to a cats happiness by humans, however it’s due to a lot more reasons. Cats purr to stimulate their muscle and bone regeneration which is used to keep themselves healthy. This left researchers wondering if a human could create the same frequency and if it would also prevent atrophy in a similar way.

Cats can jump 6 times their height

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Yep! You read that correctly, cats can jump 6 times their initial height. Have you ever seen a cat jump onto a fence and wondered how can they jump so high? Well, it’s because cats have stronger and long hind legs and a ‘fast twitch’ muscle fiber that supports a burst of movement. Therefore, they are able to jump extremely high and also fall at a relatively far distance.

There are over 500 million pet cats

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We all know someone that owns a cat, a few of us know someone that owns 2+ cats! And with this, comes a lot more breeds for owners to choose from too. From a ginger tabby cat, to a Norwegian Forest Cat – those looking to buy a cat has a lot to choose from! However, did you know that 51% of adults own a cat?! That means for every 10 people in a room, 5 of them will own one! Crazy!

They have literally taken over the internet

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Everybody who has accessed to the internet has watched a funny cat video – and if you say you haven’t, your lying! But cats taking over the internet is not a bad thing! In fact, it can significantly boost your mood by watching a funny cat video and can express a lot of positive energy to decrease negative moods. Basically, if you can take anything from this article – it’s that cats are amazing and you should continue to read about them.