This video is called “Like a Girl”. If you are a woman, this was made for you.

You throw “like a girl”

Since when did doing something like a girl make it wrong? These people were asked to run like a girl, throw like a girl, fight like a girl. All other the older people asked to do this mimed half hearted and weak movements. They have been brain washed. We are all brain washed as we grow up to believe women are weak and can’t do these things as well as men.


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Later in the movie, kids are asked to run like a  girl or throw like a girl and their response is awesome. They have not been socially programmed to believe this rubbish so they get right into running like the wind throwing like an Olympic athlete.


Running, swimming, throwing, fighting, being a girl is something to be proud of. Why cant “run like a girl” also mean “win the race”.