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Too much makeup

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As you get older, it can be tempting to layer on the makeup, attempting to hide every single line, crease, and wrinkle. However, the more products you put on your face, the older you will look. Strip it back, opting for a more simple, minimalist look that’ll give you a youthful glow.

The wrong hairdo

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Just because you’ve had the same haircut for the past decade, it doesn’t mean you should keep it for the rest of your life. In fact, it’s a clear sign that you’re due for a change! Our bodies and faces change as the years tick by, so it’s important that your hair reflects that.

Covering up

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As we age, our skin tends to sag and droop, resulting in flabby arms. Many women attempt to hide this, ashamed to display their rawest, truest selves. However, men will notice this from a mile away. They’ll wonder why you’re wearing a cardigan in the middle of summer, only drawing attention to your age-related insecurities.

The wrong shoes

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Men are more perceptive than you may initially think. You may decide to wear your comfiest – and frumpiest – pair of shoes when meeting a potential partner, thinking that he won’t notice. He will. Ensure your shoes match the rest of your outfit, creating a cohesive, confident look.

Outdated clothing

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Don’t cling on to the same old outfits you’ve been wearing for decades – mix it up! Experiment with different styles, donning garments you’d never think to usually wear. Not only will it bring a youthful glow to your energy but it’ll also encourage your male counterpart to keep up with your ever-changing looks.

Shoddy clothes

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It might be time to part with your favorite sweater. If it’s worn, frayed, or littered with holes and tears, it’s time to say farewell to the garment. A well-dressed man in particular will pick up on these telltale signs of age, seeing you as a woman who takes little pride in her appearance.

A rigid routine

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While a routine can be beneficial, it can also hinder your life. If you refuse to budge from your pre-planned ways, men will see you as a woman who’s afraid of spontaneity – too busy catering to her cleaning or work schedule to make time for a loving partner.


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We need to have a moan every now and then, letting off steam to our close pals. However, make sure it doesn’t become a personality trait. Many men see complaining as boring, tiresome behavior, simply nodding their heads in agreement as they gradually stop paying attention to your words.


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There’s nothing worse than a gossip. Who cares if your niece had yet another messy breakup? Does it really matter if your colleague fell behind on her work duties? Men certainly don’t think so – having a more practical, logical approach to other people’s behavior.

A bad hair dye

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If you’re going gray, don’t immediately reach for the box dye. In fact, doing so can age you up in an instant, with a block color being a dead giveaway of a bad dye job. Instead, embrace your natural grays! It’ll ooze confidence, and, in turn, make you seem just that touch more youthful.

Living in the past

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If you’re constantly talking about how things were “back in the day”, you’re immediately aging yourself up. Not only does it make you seem older than your years, but it shows a woman who’s failed to find her place within the modern world. Roll with the times, looking to the future instead of lingering in the past.

Never leaving the house

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It can be all too easy to fall into a rut, constantly trapped in a cycle of focusing on your housework, family, and career. Before you know it, you’ve hid yourself away from the world at large, with little left to talk about. Get out there and make some memories! You’ll be a more well-rounded person because of it.

Wearing trendy clothes

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Don’t desperately try to cling onto your youth, wearing clothes that are the newest hottest thing. These garments are unlikely to suit you, being specifically made for 20-year-olds. Instead, adopt a style that suits you, one that’s both stylish and comfortable.

Ignoring facial hair

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As women age, their testosterone levels increase. The influx of this hormone can lead to more hair growth, particularly around the face. There’s no shame in addressing your newly-grown mustache, simply grab some wax strips and tear those hairs away, immediately shaving years off your appearance.

Wearing all-black

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It can be tempting to wear all-black, all of the time – an easy color that can be accessorized with pretty much anything. However, going for these dark tones can make you look washed out, pale, and peaky. Instead, throw some color into your outfits, bringing a rosy glow to your cheeks.

Going too flashy

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While you want to avoid dreary and drab outfits, you also don’t want to constantly be sheathed in bright, bold colors. Glaring patterns and daring prints are all key signs of someone who’s desperately trying to cling onto their youth. Instead, wear tones that bring out your skin tone and match your eyes.

Being a technophobe

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In the modern era, the focus is on technology. Whether it’s connecting with your friends, filing your taxes, or learning a new skill – everything’s done online. Therefore, if you’re deathly afraid of anything to do with tech, you’re immediately showing your age. Take a course or ask a younger relative to catch you up to speed – you’ll get to grips with it in no time flat.

Poor posture

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No matter how youthful may dress, all of that effort is undone by poor posture. Slumping, slouching, and sitting at an odd angle can all give off the impression of a senior woman – something that men will be quick to pick up on. Sit up straight – not only will you look younger, but you’ll avoid any spine-related issues later in life.

Jigsaws and puzzles

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Some women find nothing more relaxing than sitting down and completing a good jigsaw puzzle or crossword. While there’s nothing wrong with pursuing hobbies you enjoy, jigsaws tend to come with the connotation of being for older people. Still, life’s too short to worry what others think – so crack away with your puzzle, stereotypes be damned.

Giving up

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Whatever you do in life – don’t give up. Whether it’s regarding your appearance, your health, or your work life, you have to keep on pushing. A woman who’s thrown in the towel may suffer from low self esteem, a place that’s difficult to get out of. Rely on your friends and family to lift you up when you feel low.

Frumpy cardigans

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Cardigans can make an outfit – or they can break it. It’s all a matter of choosing the right garment. You want to avoid cardigans that are frumpy, as they’ll immediately age you up in the eyes of men. Just think – would your grandma wear it? If the answer’s yes, it’s best to leave it in the closet.

Being obsessed with the news

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There’s nothing wrong with keeping up to date with current affairs. What is a sign of age, however, is religiously watching the news, day in, day out. Your date is unlikely to be impressed with your strict TV schedule, nor does the dreary state of the world make for good pillow talk.

Pretending you’re still young

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Age is just a number – everything else is in the mind. However, sometimes your body doesn’t let you do things you used to do in your youth, so you have to adjust. Stubbornly holding onto past actions can make you seem desperate to recapture your golden years, obvious to both men and women alike.

Watching the same TV shows/movies

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There’s a difference between enjoying television and being addicted to it. If you refuse to alter your plans to see your boo, instead choosing to stay inside and watch your serial, you’re exhibiting behaviors of a senior. Besides, the youngsters watch TV via streaming services these days, so even watching cable TV ages you up.

Being dull

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No matter how you dress or how you act, if you’ve got nothing of substance to say, you’ll immediately be dull in a man’s eyes. Droning on about the weather or the scandal on your street will age you up significantly. Find a passion or learn a skill – it’ll give you untold topics to discuss, preventing your date for constantly yawning out of boredom.

Not drinking enough water

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Hydration is vitally important for your health – but it can also affect how you look. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will become more elasticated, resulting in saggy droops. Ensure you drink around three liters of water a day to keep any signs of age at bay.

Using slang

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There’s nothing more cringe-inducing than someone trying to use slang when they’re unsure of its meaning. Don’t try to pretend you’re in your 20s by using unusual terms like “fleek” or “fam”. Stick to your extensive vocabulary – the men in your life will find that far more attractive.

Being a nosy neighbor

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It’s tempting to nose on our neighbors, gossiping about how they haven’t mowed their lawn. However, doing so slips you into old lady territory, following in the footsteps of your mother. Step away from the window and do something more productive with your time.

Having little respect for shop workers

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Studies have shown that it’s actually the older generation that are the rudest – particularly when it comes to retail workers. If an inconvenience comes up while you’re shopping, don’t yell and take it out on the nearest minimum wage worker. Not only is it rude, but it’s a behavior usually exhibited by seniors.

Being indecisive

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Make up your mind and stick to it! If a man asks you a question, he appreciates a direct, clear response. Umm-ing and ahh-ing while you weigh up your options is a clear sign of a woman who’s never found her way, alongside displaying a frequent over-reliance on other people.

Taking terrible selfies

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If you can’t take a selfie, it’s probably best to avoid the practice altogether. Snapping pics from low angles that don’t do you any favors – then proudly uploading them to social media – are all behaviors exhibited by the older crowd. If you’re unsure, ask someone else to take the photo for you.

Eating the same food

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It’s a strange fact of life – as we get older, we tend to stick to the same foods. If you want to appear young and carefree, you need to break this habit. Try dishes you’ve never eaten before, throwing caution to the wind. Who knows, you may just find your next favorite meal!

Not getting enough sleep

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Sleep is important for a myriad of reasons – but it can also directly affect how old you look. If you get less than seven hours a night, you’ll likely awaken with a tired glaze behind your eyes, spending the day ahead constantly yawning. Get enough sleep, however, and you’ll find yourself leaping out of bed, ready to seize the day.

A terrible tan

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As good as you think that tan makes you look, it can make you look much older in the eyes of your man. Constant exposure to the sun can give you a leathery, aged appearance. Use sunscreen – not only will you look younger, but it’ll also benefit your health.

Avoiding exercise

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No matter how old you are, you need to exercise. Not only does it keep you looking young, it also allows you to stay more flexible, all while increasing your energy levels. Start working out – even 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference to your life.

Too much coffee

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We all reach for a hot cup of coffee first thing, hoping it’ll put a spring in our step. However, you may want to go easy on the hot stuff. Not only does it dehydrate you – leading to poorer skin – but it also stains your teeth, making you seem older than your years.

Staying in your comfort zone

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Whether it’s places, people, or things, nothing screams “age!” louder than a woman who refuses to try new things. We get it, you’re comfortable in your little bubble. But, if you never break free and venture out into the big wide world, you’ll never grow as a person! Try new things, one day at a time – you’ll be surprised at how youthful you feel for doing so.

Failing to take care of your skin

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The skin is the biggest indicator of age and can give you away instantly, with every pesky wrinkle and line documenting our long years on the planet. Failing to adopt a skincare routine can result in you looking older than your years. It’s never too late to start, with moisturizers working magic on any deep-set lines.


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You should be able to do whatever brings you joy, so long as it’s not harming anyone else. However, many men will raise an eyebrow or two at a woman who knits – thinking it’s an old-lady hobby. If they do think like this, you’re likely better off without their judgmental views – knit to your heart’s content!

Giving out candy

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Let’s face it – giving out hard candy to youngsters is a full on grandma territory. While you may think you’re doing an act of kindness, it’s a habit that’ll significantly age you up. Besides, most kids don’t want to eat sweets that have been sat in someone’s purse for days on end.

Still using Facebook

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In the eyes of the younger generation, Facebook isn’t supposed to be used to post on. Instead, you use it to snoop through your ex-classmates’ profiles, keeping tabs on people you haven’t seen in decades. Resist the temptation to share every waking thought and avoid posting endless Facebook statuses – it can age you up in no time flat.

Wearing blue eyeshadow

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This may have looked good back in the 70s, but times have changed since then. Bright blue eyeshadow is too bold of a color, making you look as though you’re trying too hard to be young and fun. Instead, opt for neutral, warm tones to bring out the color of your eyes.

Staying at the same job

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Just because you’ve been in the same role for the past two decades, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay there for the rest of your life. If your job doesn’t truly fulfill your emotional needs, consider branching out into something new. You’re never too old to start fresh and follow your dreams!

Wearing a headscarf

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While you may think that you look like Audrey Hepburn whenever you wear a headscarf, any men in your life will think that you look older than you truly are. Don’t hide your graying locks, instead put them on display with unabashed confidence – it’ll make you look much more youthful than you may initially believe.

Carrying a big bag

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There’s something about gigantic purses that immediately age any woman up. Consider what you truly need to bring with you for your outing – do you really need to bring the biggest bag that you own, or can you downsize in order to give off a more sleek and stylish appearance?

Always putting others first

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While this is an admirable trait, it can be a hindrance to your mental health. If you’re consistently pouring into others, you have little left in your own cup. The younger generation are a lot better at knowing where to stop. Help, aid, and value your friends and family – but make sure that you implement healthy boundaries so you’re never left feeling empty or burnt out.

Wearing elasticated pants

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These pants may be comfortable to wear, but their benefits end there. They’re frumpy, unfashionable, and drab, showing the world that you prefer comfort over style. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing elasticated pants in the comfort of your own home, but avoid them at all costs when going out on dates or anywhere else you may want to look your best.

Having fine china

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If you bring a gentleman back to your home, or even any of your younger and more stylish gal pals, be sure to put your fine china away. While you may think that your intricate, most precious plates will impress your suitor, the opposite is true. Saving dinnerware for special occasions borders on grandma territory, instantly aging you up.

Outdated glasses

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Everything you wear gives off an insight into your identity – including your glasses. If you’ve had the same pair of spectacles for the past decade, it’s time for an upgrade. Get rid of clunky brass frames and opt for something a bit more fashionable. And, whatever you do, never, ever wear your glasses on a chain.

Wearing florals

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Dresses with flowers printed all over them may look nice on the hanger, but they immediately age any woman up once worn. This fashion faux pas can make you look frumpy and behind the times. Instead, go for garments that are a bit more daring, breathing some fresh life into your wardrobe.

Only talking about your kids/grandkids

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When any potential suitors ask what you’ve been up to, what do you usually say first? Do you give updates about the things you’ve recently experienced, or do you immediately start talking about your offspring? If it’s the later, you may be exhibiting behaviors of the older generation. Forge your own identity, you’ll feel like a brand new woman!

Blunt bangs

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It’s widely accepted that bangs make most women look younger. However, you need to ensure that you get the right bangs to suit your face shape. Going too blunt can harshly highlight any lines and wrinkles, leaving you looking much older than your years.

Using paper maps

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Times have changed and, with them, so has how we navigate the world. Paper maps are clunky and cumbersome, not to mention often being out of date. Instead of figuring out your journey with these paper relics, use apps on your phone. You’ll seem more with the times and reach your destination faster.

Avoiding retirement

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When you hit a certain age, the looming prospect of retirement can seem incredibly daunting. Many women delay the inevitable, choosing to work in order to seem young. However, this will only age you up. Age gracefully, and know when it’s time to leave the world of work behind you and embrace your next chapter.

Sleeping on your stomach

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As strange as it may sound, sleeping on your stomach can significantly age you up – even if you sleep alone! It’s not about how you look whilst sleeping, but the implications it has. Sleeping on your front places more pressure on your face, resulting in deep-set lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Sleep on your back or your side to give off a more youthful glow.

Always thinking that you’re in the right

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With age comes wisdom. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you know everything. Listen to your younger family members – just because you have life experience, it doesn’t mean that you’re always in the right. Be open to new ideas and thought processes – it’ll shave years off your age.

Square nails

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Filing down your nails until they’re a blunt, square shape may be practical, but it can hinder your feminine beauty. Having nails like this shows a woman who’s given up on her beauty regime. Instead, ask for an almond shape, making your hands look more slender and youthful.

Relying on other people

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As we age, it can be tempting to rely on our friends and family to fulfill basic tasks. Unless genuinely damaging to your health or lifestyle, try to avoid these behavioral patterns – they depict a woman who is letting her age define her. Instead, learn to stand on your own two feet, able to combat any issues that may come your way.

Talking about the weather

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When you spend time with a man who’s caught your eye, you want to be interesting and appealing. What you want to avoid, then, is bringing up drab topics like the weather. It’s pure small talk – something that most men would rather avoid at all costs.

Using cash

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Long gone are the days when you’d pop down to the bank, withdrawing cash to spend in shops. Nowadays, everything is done digitally. Not only is using digital currency easier, it also means that you no longer have to carry around heavy coins that weigh down your purse.

Leaving voicemails

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If you call a man and they don’t pick up, your first instinct may be to leave them a voicemail. However, it’s becoming an outdated habit – the youth of today will instead simply text their thoughts. Nobody wants to listen to a long, rambling voicemail, after all…

Wearing a jacket even when it’s not cold

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As we age, the walls of our blood vessels begin to lose their elasticity, decreasing our circulation and resulting in chilly limbs. While you want to stay warm, don’t overdo it. Don’t hide yourself under thick coats or jackets – it’ll make your frame look small and frail.

Going on a cruise

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Cruises are made with older people in mind – featuring all you can eat buffets, social activities, and beautiful sights – all with minimal effort. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cruise, don’t let it be the first vacation you take with your man, particularly if you wish to appear youthful.

Obsessing over your mailbox

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There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter. Nowadays, however, everything is done online, with emails being faster, easier, and less wasteful. Maybe save the letters for special occasions. Swap your bank statements to their digital forms – it’ll make you seem as though you’re a current, modern woman.

Sending postcards

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If you’re vacationing away from your boo, you may be tempted to send him a sunny “Wish You Were Here” postcard. However, nobody but seniors tends to send these anymore. Instead, leave the postcard on the shelf. It’ll make your man miss you a little, alongside giving off a more carefree attitude.

Using a landline

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Long gone are the days when we had to take it in turns to call any potential suitors. In the modern era, phone calls are done from our cells, giving us the freedom to talk to anyone, anywhere. If a man asks for your number (you go gal!), ensure you give him your cell, not your landline!

Showing your socks

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Getting older is no excuse to let your inner fashionista fall by the wayside. Avoid frumpy, outdated pants that show off your socks (particularly if you pair them with Crocs). If you’re wearing your pants too high, consider updating your wardrobe so that everything fits perfectly, looking more attractive to the men in your life.

Writing checks

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If you want to show off your age, get out your checkbook and pen. If you want to seem youthful, however, leave your clunky paper checks at home. While you may not initially trust their electronic counterparts, you’ll soon learn that there’s nothing to fear!

Sending thank you cards

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If a man takes you to a fancy restaurant, don’t send him a thank you card for his time. It’s an outdated trend, being overly stuffy and formal. Instead, give him a text or a phone call. Not only will he appreciate the effort, but it also gives you a chance to organize your next outing!

Ignoring your mental health

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While mental health may seem like a new trend, that isn’t quite the case. Depression, anxiety, and other mental issues have been around as long as humans have existed, we now just have a name for these emotions. Don’t shoulder the burden of your pain – reach out for help if you’re struggling, there’s way less of a stigma now.