As our lives get ever busier, more and more inventions are invented to help us through each day. Whether it be a device to help you stir your morning coffee, or a fork that twists itself when you are eating spaghetti, the following 20 ideas are defiantly designed for the truly lazy people out there.



Without further addoo, her is a our list of the top 20 products for lazy people.


The automatic bed that makes itself

automatic bed maker


Hands free vacuum cleaner


Battery operated scissors



Hard boiled eggs that have already been peeled

hard boiled eggs peeled

Mirrored glasses so you can read lying down. 

lazy bastard glasses




Clap for lights on, clap for lights off again


Cant be bothered pouring your own teapot? No problem with the Teapot Pourer

automatic tea pourer

Get an instant 6 pack with the Abhancer

ab enhancer

The height of laziness. Spin the bottle that you don’t need to manually spin.

lazy spin the bottle

Remote controlled Tissue Box that comes to you when you need to blow your nose

remote controlled tissue

The automatic book reading chair that does everything you need apart from actually read the book for you

automatic book reading chair


For those times that peeling a banana is just a little too much effort. 

automatic banana peeler



The Lazy Mug which stirs your coffee for you.


automatic drink stirrer

When you cant be bothered pulling up your own socks, you can use this handy device.

lazy sock


Why should you go to the effort of mixing the ingredients yourself. Let this machine make your pancakes for you

automatic pancake maker


We all know how much effort it is to turn an ice cream as we try to lick it.. right? 

motorized ice cream cone

The clever penguin that knows when your tea bag is ready to be taken out of the cup. 

automatic tea bagger

This little guy opens and pours your beer for you so all you need to do is drink it. 

robot beer pourer

The fork that twists itself so you don’t have to


spaghetti twirler

And when you can’t be bothered to get on your hands and knees to clean up, there are these dusting slippers. Genius



Do you know any lazy people who would enjoy these products?