Following on from our previous post 5 Reasons Men Cheat On Women, we saw in the comments that a lot of guys thought the post was a bit unfair as it did not cover any of the reasons women cheat on men. For this reason, we have put some time and effort into the following post which explores the top 5 reasons women cheat on men. The reasons do differ from the previous post as women have very different needs to men.

There was in fact some real research carried out by Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) – which found that 15% of men had had “overlapping” relationships in the previous year, but only 9% of women. Dr Catherine Mercer, head of analysis for the Natsal study, says the gender gap may in part be because women are less likely to own up to cheating than men. “We can’t directly observe unfaithfulness so we have to rely on what people tell us and we know there are gender differences in the way people report sexual behaviours,” she says. Taking the findings on face value (and pleas don’t complain to me guys because these are real statistics), but men do in fact cheat more than women.

So taking the above into account, the top five reasons for women cheating on men are:


1) Revenge

When a female has been taken advantage of, messed about, cheated on etc, she may eventually be pushed to seek out another man with whom she can have sex. The purpose of this is not to form a bond or start a new relationship, but literally just to get an emotional reaction from her partner. Often at this stage the relationship as already ended and this can be a way of making the female feel more control. It could alternatively be an attempt to find out whether her partner cares at all anymore. The other reason could be to end an on and off relationship for good. Either way, the revenge cheat is usually the final nail in the coffin.


2) Low self esteem

Low self esteem is now a days more common than it has ever been. No matter how well a woman is treated, she may never feel attractive enough, which can result in her cheating on her partner in an attempt to feel wanted by more than one man. Dealing with low self esteem in this way will never resolve the problem however people may not even be aware this is the reason for their infidelity. By the time they have received the compliments and the lift they feel from the attention from another man, it is too late and the cheating has happened. The unfortunate reality is that this feeling of low self esteem, although sometimes the result of a lack of attention from her partner, it is usually more of a psychological problem that she needs to address herself.


3) Partner has become “best friend”

Relationships go through many stages, but usually start out with some kind of a sexual attraction. At this stage, it is easy for the relationship to develop and move to the next stages. In these early stages you are both hot for each other and excited about the thought of seeing each other because you know there will be plenty of physical attraction. The problems can occur in the later stages of the relationship when this initial excitement wears off and things become a little more mundane. The day to day hum drum of waking up together, going to work, coming home both worn out each day can very quickly kill the initial spark and lead to more of a “friendship” than a relationship. At this stage the female may look for someone else because unfortunately like it or not, she doesn’t see her current partner in a sexual way anymore. She may love everything about the relationship but if the sex is missing, she may think that it is not such a bad thing to seek this elsewhere. This is obviously not good and she should not think this way. It is important for the female to discuss this with her partner and for him to understand before it gets to this. There are plenty of ways that the spark can be reignited with the right actions before any infidelity ruins things.

4) Falls in love with 2 people at the same time

There are some circumstances where shortly after starting a relationship, the girl can meet another guy innocently in the work place for example. She may find that one guy offers her all she likes in one department but the other offers another. In this situation, sometimes the girl can be weak and think it ok to have relationships with both guys. This is clearly a bad move on her part and will leave heartache all round.

5) Previous partner re-emerges

Sometimes when a relationship ends and it was not the girl that ended it, it can hit very hard. Although the guy ending it is clearly no longer interested and it is a great insult to the girl to be dumped, there will in the bottom of her heart still be a bit of a flame for the guy. If she then moves onto a new relationship, she can think she is as happy as can be but if that ex comes back into her life asking for another chance, old sparks can unfortunately rekindle. It is often difficult for her to say not to the ex because there is a reel boost to the self esteem when she knows she can have him again. Once again this is down to the woman to be strong and say no. He hurt her once so the chances are he will hurt her again.


There are many reasons as to why women cheat and although some of them can make a lot of sense, it is still down to the individual to make the choice as to whether they betray the person they are in a relationship with. No matter the reason or how it is justified, cheating is a terrible thing to do to someone. If you feel the need to do it, it is a huge sign you should not be in your current relationship. These things almost always come out in the end so it is much more mature and honest to sit down with your current partner and sort things out first before doing anything you will regret.