If you guessed plastic spoons then you are right! Although this lamp looks as if it was mass-manufactured it is far from that. Yarsolav Olenev, a Nuclear Plant Control System Engineer from Saint-Petersburg, created this lamp by hand. As I’m sure you can tell though Yarsolav is an Engineer he also has interest in design and really enjoys putting things together with his bare hands. Just looking at this amazing piece it is easy to tell that he has an eye for it too. This lamp is actually only made of plastic spoons and an old clear plastic bottle, simple household items I’m sure you have laying around.



If you do have those items lying around (or even if you want to go to the store and grab them!) we want to explain to you how to assemble this crafty lamp! So what do you need? How about a good supply of plastic spoons, one large empty water bottle, a box-cutter knife, a glue gun with glue sticks, a light attachment with a low-energy light bulb, and a pair of pliers/wire cutters? After gathering these items you are four steps away from making your very own lamp.


Step 1:

Cut the bottom off the large water bottle. Then snip the handles off the plastic spoons and attach them to the surface of the plastic bottle. Easy enough right?



Step 2:

Use a hot glue gun, start at the bottom and work your way up. Do not use solvent-based glue as this will melt both the plastic spoons and the plastic bottle. You so got this!




Step 3:

Once you have reached the top, make a circular collar out of more spoon heads and fix it round the bottle opening at the top.



Step 4:

Tie a knot in the cable just above the bulb fitting, and then thread the cable through the plastic bottle top. Insert the bulb into the fitting and then thread the cable up through the bottle and out the neck at the top. The bottle top will stop it pulling through and keep the whole light element in place. Congratulations, you did it! Just as a final word of this wise, only use low-energy bulbs as the heat of a traditional light bulb will melt the plastic and could cause a fire and we do not want that!




The Finished result. An awesome expensive looking light shade.


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