Choppy and blond

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This chic hairstyle is versatile and can complement various face shapes, making it a great choice for anyone, regardless of their hair type. Make a request to your stylist for layered and slightly messy cuts, along with flattering highlights. Keep the length sufficient for an array of styling possibilities.


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This trendy short hairstyle is an excellent option to revitalize thick hair. It features an asymmetrical cut, with one side slightly longer than the other, creating a unique and edgy look. The mix of blond and brown highlights enhances the pixie cut’s overall appeal, making it stand out.

Pixie haircut with bangs

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This trendy short hairstyle exudes sophistication and style for 2023. When visiting your stylist, request a bob at the back while leaving the front and top longer. This look creates a beautiful frame around the face, drawing attention to the eyes. Additionally, the layering adds volume to the back, giving your hair a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

Wavy messy angled shaggy bob

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This short hairstyle showcases an inverted bob, with the front being left longer than the back. Opt for choppy sections to enhance the textured look, especially if you already have some natural texture in your hair. Leaving a few waves near the face adds a touch of femininity to the overall style.

Super short

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This trendy short hairstyle for 2023 can instantly boost your confidence. The tousled and cropped bob creates a fashionable look that complements your facial contours beautifully. The addition of a bold, bright color enhances the texture of the hair and creates a dimensional effect, making this hairstyle even more eye-catching and stylish.

Messy and gorgeous

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This sexy and chic hairstyle is a perfect choice for 2023. The dark roots fading into blond make for an effortlessly trendy look, eliminating the constant need to hide visible root growth. By incorporating the roots as part of the hairstyle, you can save yourself trouble and maintain a stylish appearance.

Going gray

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The “granny” hair trend is a popular style choice for fashionable individuals who want to experiment with a brand-new color. The short haircut and pale color beautifully frame the face while adding texture to the hair. The short sides and cropped top create a stylish and well-balanced look.

Chopped bob

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This is one of the most elegant short haircuts for 2023, exuding femininity and style. The addition of brown balayage enhances the overall look and is a perfect choice, especially for those trying it out for the first time. With minimal upkeep, the chopped bob offers style with ease.

Modern short haircut

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This popular short hairstyle for 2023 is ideal for women with thick, unruly hair. By incorporating choppy layers and creating two tiers with edges cut at varying angles, you can effectively reduce the overall thickness of your straight hair, sculpting a look that’s naturally beautiful.

Fauxhawk style

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The fauxhawk hairstyle is a fantastic way to showcase your individuality and express yourself through your hair. Women with a daring and confident personality will make a statement with this edgy style. To make it more suitable for everyday looks, you can easily transform your hair by pinning back the longer section.