Credit: Gregory Urbano via Wikimedia Commons

Florida has its very own Bigfoot named ‘Skunk Ape’

Credit: Richard Elzey via Flickr

Bigfoot isn’t the only monster stalking our forests. Supposedly living in the thick wildlands of the Everglades, many Floridians believe in the existence of a creature called the Skunk Ape, a fierce beast stalking Florida’s marshlands and forests. The mythical creature has supposedly been sighted since 1974.

Florida is home to the only barrier reef in the continental US

Credit: Phil’s 1stPix via Flickr

Florida’s coastline is home to many barrier reefs – the only ones on continental America. Not only does the state house the US’s only reef – it’s also the third largest in the entire world, acting as a home to 40 million different types of ocean species.

Jacksonville is the largest city by land mass in America

Credit: Gregory Urbano via Wikimedia Commons

When you think of the USA’s biggest cities, places like New York or Los Angeles probably spring to mind. It may be surprising, then, to discover that Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the US by landmass. Spanning more than 840 square miles, Jacksonville is home to just shy of 1 million residents.

Panthers are indigenous to Florida

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region via Flickr

The sunshine state may not be for the faint of heart. Panthers stalk Florida’s lands, usually found in the south due to the hospitable climate and landscape, though these fierce creatures can make it far up north through the state, too. Frightening as they may be, there are currently no verified cases of these panthers attacking humans in Florida.

Florida has the most golf courses in the USA


Florida has the most golf courses in the entire country. The state has more than 1,250 courses – most of them open all year round, available to the paying public. Most of the courses can be found in Palm Beach, due to its perfectly flat golfing conditions.

Florida is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live together


Crocodiles and alligators never share a habitat out in the wild – apart from in one place: South Florida. The Florida Everglades is the only place in the entire world where you’ll find the two reptiles living together harmoniously – due to its swampy conditions that work perfectly for both types of creature.

Florida has some of the most lightning strikes per year


Florida is most prone to thunderstorms compared to anywhere else in the US, experiencing 90 storms per year. This is namely due to its location – a warmer climate sandwiched between two cooler temperatures on either side of the peninsula. Seven deaths occur in Florida each year due to lightning.

Every year, thousands of Floridians toss dead fish into the Alabama state line

Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife via Flickr

Every year on the 4th of July, The Mullet Toss takes to Florida’s beaches. Thousands of Floridians throw dead mullets over the state line of Florida and into Alabama, seeing who can throw their fish their farthest. Originating in 1985, each year proves more and more popular with locals.

Florida isn’t actually the sunniest state


Despite being dubbed ‘the sunshine state’, and getting roughly 237 days of sunshine per year, Florida isn’t actually the sunniest state in America. According to meteorological data, the actual sunshine state should be Arizona, receiving a whopping 300 sunny days each year. Still, it won’t stop tourists from flocking to Florida to soak up that sweet vitamin D.

Florida is the fishing capital of the world


Perhaps rather vainly, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission awarded its own state with the title of ‘Fishing Capital of the World’. The title isn’t entirely unfounded, however, as the state has thousands of both fresh and saltwater, creating hugely diverse fishing conditions.