I am all too aware of how difficult it can be to manage those purse strings, especially when faced with all those ‘special’ occasions that seem to demand we lavish expensive treats on our nearest and dearest. Well, when it comes to Valentines Day, it defiantly doesn’t have to be costly and with a little creativity you can make sure you and your special someone have an unforgettable date and a gift that comes straight from the heart.

See my ‘top 10’ guides below:

Great Date Ideas for Valentines on a Budget

Breakfast in Bed – A great way to put a smile on their face and make sure your on their mind for the rest of day.  It can be as basic (boiled egg and soilders) or as adventurous (eggs benedict!) as you can like. It’s a very affordable yet assured way to make your partner feel loved and cared for. Even better if you make it for two & join them back in bed!

Picnic in The Lounge (or bedroom!) – You don’t need to have sunshine to enjoy a picnic, you just need a little bit of creativity and some yummy food and you can enjoy the special romance of a picnic from the comfort of your own living room! (plus you don’t need to worry about getting rained off!)

Visit a Local Beauty Spot – Research historical landmarks or special outdoor places in and around your area and then take a trip to enjoy a romantic stroll and some quality time together. You could even pack a couple of glasses, a little bottle of something and get inspiration from your surroundings to pop a certain question to your beloved!

Cook a Dinner Together – Choose a ‘sexy’ cuisine, such as Italian, and in a twist to the usual cooking a meal for the both of you, get your partner to play sous chef with some fun and flirty instructions. Pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly to sip on as you go and get the mix CD (see below!) on the stereo…..you’ll be sure to have a great time conjuring up your joint culinary masterpiece.

Brighten up Lunch Hour – There is not much in life that’s less romantic than work! If your partner happens to be working on Valentine’s Day why not surprise them with a visit on their lunch break armed with some tasty treats and try find a bench somewhere you can have a little romantic alone time. (If you can’t make it in person, slip a little love note into their packed lunch to get them looking forward to seeing you later!)


Go For a Bike Ride – Maybe this doesn’t immediately strike you as a romantic pastime for a date, but, think again! A good date is one which involves doing something together whilst still allowing time to talk and bike riding is perfect for this, plus it requires no special skills!

Bake Off – This can be a really fun way to spend a bit of time together (and get a bit messy in the process!).  Look through baking recipes together and choose what you’d like to make, then work as a team to create your masterpiece. You can then sit down and enjoy your joint creation together

DVD & Chocolate Fondu – Simple as it sounds and date night that everyone can manage! You don’t need any special equipment for this, just melt some chocolate and cream in a bowl and it should stay warm long enough for you to demolish a bowl of strawberries dipped into it! Enjoy alongside a romantic film and you have all the ingredients for a perfect Valentines evening.

Game On! – A great idea that actually should be rolled out on a more regular basis. Dig out some old favourites,( we like Scrabble, Monopoly and Dominos!) and get playing! There is nothing more sexy than a bit of competitive spirit!

A Trip to the Seaside – Not an option possible for everyone but a trip to the seaside can be a fantastic and surprising option for a date. We all associate the seaside with FUN – from building sandcastles to eating fish and chips and candyfloss, it’s the place to reignite the child within us and will be sure to be a date to remember.


Great Gift Ideas for Valentines on a Budget

Make a Mix Tape (cd!) – Update the age old romantic gift of a mix tape (always a fail safe gift!) by putting together a compilation of special songs onto a CD for your loved one. Include songs you’ve danced around the kitchen to, to songs you’ve been ‘romantic’ to….if you plan it carefully it could form the background to your evening, with a lively start culminating in a


Write a Poem – Some of the most romantic literature comes in the form of a poem and writing one to your loved one can be one of the most personal, demonstrative ways of telling them how you feel. If penmanship is not your forte you could always search the internet for some already written for you (although in our view this will never quite hit the mark)

Homemade Cookies – Find an attractive container, such as a nice vintage jar, decorate with some ribbon and fill with some little biscuits that you’ve dyed red and cut out in heat shapes. Simple but effective and gives you brownie points for putting in a bit of effort!

Love Tokens – A gift that costs nothing but can promise plenty!

An Aphrodisiac Dinner – The food we eat can have a direct impact on our sex life, affecting hormones, brain chemistry, energy and stress levels. Apparently some foods have psychoactive properties, others arouse because they are psychologically suggestive, and some can actually increase blood flow to the genitals! Make the evening special with an array of all the classic aphrodisiacs – asparagus, oysters, chocolate covered strawberries…..You can have fun sampling some different foods together, washed down with some champagne of course

Tickets To – Think outside the box, in fact think like a child! Search around your area for shows/performances you wouldn’t normally go to but which will guarantee to raise a smile (and hopefully a laugh!). We like the idea of visiting the circus, the zoo or even a theme park.

Make a Collage  – Dig out all the photos of you as a couple, especially ones taken in places that mean something to you i.e first date/holiday/Christmas etc and arrange them on a large frame to form a very special collage. Alternatively there are plenty of online stores that can create something equally wonderful for you for an affordable price if you supply the pics.

DIY Treasure Hunt……with you as the treasure! Leave notes around the house leading a trail from the front door all the way up to the bedroom. Be sure to leave seductive yet intriguing messages to get them all stirred up!


Balloon bouquet – Shop bought bouquets can be super pricey so why not make your own! Try gathering a ‘bouquet’ of pink/red balloons together with some ribbon or have a go at creating your own from the natural wild flowers/ferns/heathers you find around you.

Home Spa – Assemble a homemade beauty basket containing all the necessary lotions and potions for a relaxing home spa session – run the bath, warm the towels, light the candles and pour the champers. If you really want to step it up a gear, include some seductive essential oils and suggest a massage!