Be an active listener


Studies show that those who effectively listen have more successful relationships. After all, how can you hope to be compatible with your partner if you zone out every time they speak? Engage in conversation with your spouse, truly take in what they’re saying, and watch your relationship blossom.

Make sure your morals are aligned


Views on the world, ethics, and morals are all incredibly important when it comes to relationships. To form a deeper bond with your spouse, make sure that you see the world through a similar view. While you don’t have to agree on every single thing, having related principles can strengthen your connection.

Find solutions, not problems


It’s easy to point the finger at your boo, blaming them for behaviors that trigger you. Instead of constantly pointing out everything they do wrong, take the time to suggest some solutions. Not only will your partner thank you for it, you’ll also form a richer, more stable bond.



Never underestimate the power of communication. Psychologists say that effectively communicating to your partner can make your relationship last longer, as it allows for an open platform for respect of individual differences. Don’t bottle up all of your thoughts and feelings – tell your other half how you’re feeling.

Let go of the past


Harboring resentments about past arguments only taints your future. Once any issues have been addressed, simply let them go. Everyone’s on a learning journey, and everyone makes mistakes – your partner included. Forgiveness and understanding will create a bond that’ll withstand anything that comes your way.

Be interested in their interests


While you don’t have to do everything together, it’s a nice gesture to show some willing when it comes to your spouse’s interests. For example, if your partner asks you to watch a football game with him, don’t roll your eyes. He’s wanting to share something with you that’s important to him – so give it a go. Who knows, you might end up enjoying it.

Be present


You’re together for a reason – to enjoy each other’s company! If you’re constantly replying to emails or scrolling through social media while you’re together, it can harm your relationship. Be present in their company – it’ll allow you to more deeply access your feelings and emotions, strengthening your union.

Have your own identity


Don’t get swallowed up in your relationship, constantly being at your boo’s side 24/7. Forge your own identity, whether it’s through taking up yoga, a new hobby, or having a social life of your own. Your partner fell in love with you as an individual first and foremost, so don’t lose yourself.

Be adaptable


Life can throw curveballs at any moment. If your partner suddenly gets a new job, their behavior and routine can rapidly change. Instead of being set in your ways, trying to coerce things to go back to how they were before, try to be adaptable. You’re growing and changing together – and change comes for us all.

Don’t try to change them


Your spouse is their own person, with their own thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Don’t waste your time trying to change them into being someone they’re not – it’ll only tarnish your relationship. Be appreciative of the wonderful person they are, flaws and all, and watch as your kinship grows.