Iron everything

Having all your clothes in crisp, clean lines makes you look more put together. Looking put together indicates to those around you that you can either afford to spend the time to do it yourself, or that you can afford to have all your clothes pressed professionally. Even a steamer will help keep your clothes crease-free without needing to invest a ton of money.

Don’t wear logos

High end brands and designers don’t have logos all over their clothes. What’s more, wealthy people do not feel the need to prove their worth through obvious big brand names. Wearing clothes with clean lines and no logos will make you look higher-class and thus richer as well.

Dark wash only

As well as looking casual, light-wash jeans tend to look cheaper and lower quality. In contrast, dark denim looks a lot sleeker and a little more formal. Choosing dark wash jeans subsequently gives you a more elegant and expensive look.

The scent matters

Choosing a perfume can make a big difference to how you come across. When choosing, avoid anything that smells too sweet or food-like, which can make the wearer seem very young and unsophisticated. By contrast, spiced and floral scents are a lot more elegant. Invest in a perfume that at least smells expensive, no matter its actual cost.

Carry an umbrella in bad weather

Nothing ruins a look worse than being rained on. Wet hair is not a good look, and it definitely doesn’t make you look rich. Instead, bring an umbrella along in case of rain. Carrying it makes you look prepared, and if it does rain, it’ll keep your hair all perfectly done through the poor weather.

Wear gold

Silver is a lovely metal, but it has its place. If you are going for the look of someone who can afford the best and priciest, leave the silver and rose-gold at home to opt for gold jewellery instead. Gold looks more expensive, so long as you choose well and go for subtle, delicate pieces.

Have your clothes tailored

Clothes you buy direct off the rack are unlikely to provide a perfect fit. After all, very few people are the exact measurements clothes are made to. If you’re not sure whether to get a size that’s a bit too small or a bit too big for you, always opt up and then get your pieces taken in by a tailor. Clothes that are properly fitted look like you spent a lot more money on them, and a trip to the tailor’s is actually a lot cheaper than you might expect.

Keep the bag small

A tiny handbag is a status symbol. Why? Because it shows that you either do not need to carry your own things, or that you can afford to accommodate situations where you would have otherwise come prepared with a bag full of anything you might need. A tiny bag might only be big enough for a credit card and maybe either a phone or your lipstick, but if you’re rich, then that’s all you need. At least, that’s what other people will think.

Steer clear of trends

Whatever is trending right now is sure to change, so there’s no point revamping your whole wardrobe to keep up with what’s in. Caring about what’s in style is also not a chic look, so sticking to classic styles will help you achieve an old-money or rich aesthetic a lot easier.

Know your fabrics

It’s not exactly classy to go around dressed in plastic fibres. Pay close attention to the fabric of the garments you buy. Synthetic fabrics like polyester lose their shape and will make you sweat, which in turn makes you look cheap. Instead opt for natural fabrics like linen, wool, cotton, or silk. You might think people can’t tell what fabric your clothes are, but it can really show, especially if you’re trying to invest in a piece that you want to last years.

Take care of what you wear

Make sure you are using appropriate detergents when washing your clothes. Hang the clothes that need it and fold ones that don’t. Iron your garments and fold carefully. Lint roll anything with extra fluff or pet hair. Invest in some shoe polish so you can keep your shoes shining. Knowing how to take care of the clothes you own and following through will keep them looking much nicer and more expensive that if you take none of these steps.

Opt for overdressing

You might not want to show up to a meeting in a ballgown, but if you’re not sure of the dress code, always opt to overdress rather than underdress. Underdressing makes it look like you either do not care to dress appropriately, or that you cannot afford to. If you are slightly overdressed, people will notice how good you look, and how this attire must come so naturally to you. This helps you convey an air of affluence.

Keep weather in mind

Be aware of what the weather forecast, paying particular attention to the temperature. You don’t want to dress light when the weather is going to be in the negatives. Looking comfortable will make you look richer already, since you’ll look like you belong wherever you go, and dressing for the weather helps with this. Layer up in the winter which a lot of wealthy old-money types are known for, and wear light, flowing fabrics like linen in the summer.

Take care of yourself

Your body is one of the things you have the most control over, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t look its best. Keep clean and groomed at all times. Take care of your skin, nails, hair, and brows so that you look your best. Good grooming is often seen as a sign of having money since you have time to take care of yourself or can pay someone else to do your nails and hair. Being well groomed means looking refined.

Be well-spoken

Speak clearly and confidently. Pronounce words correctly. If you want to sound like you come from a wealthy background, it is crucial that you also avoid slang and offensive language. By being well-spoken, you sound like you were raised by a rich family and that you surround yourself with people who have the best in life.

Invest in shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. While people might not always notice if your other garments did not actually cost as much as you might say, people will always know when it comes to shoes. The way they fit, the finish of the leather, the soles and all the edges will always reveal their true price. A great pair of shoes will also mean you won’t have to replace them for years. A cheap pair, in contrast, will need replaced after no more than a few months because the wear will start to show pretty instantly.

Wear monochromatic outfits

Whether it be all black, cream, or neutrals, a monochromatic outfit gives off a refined look that a mish-mash of colours simply won’t. Wearing all the same colour gives you an air of confidence as well as making you look maturity. It is this maturity that makes you look rich as well. It allows you to stand out without looking like you’re trying.

Have good posture

Having good posture makes you look confident in yourself, and it is a habit that is generally acquired at a young age. This might not seem too obvious, but both sitting and standing up straight can convey the impression that you have wealth.

Wear a fancy watch

Watches are known to be expensive, especially when opting for a well-known brand. Wearing a fancy watch brand signals wealth to all those around you, but only if you do not make a show of flashing it to everyone. A great watch stands on its own.

Don’t flex your wallet

If you want people to think you are rich, showing them how much money you have or how expensive the things you own are is actually the worst way to go about it. Anyone who has to go out of their way to show their wealth clearly sees it as a novelty, meaning that wealth does not come as naturally to them. Instead, act modestly about the wealth you might or might not have.

Balance your jewellery

Too much jewellery is going to make it look like you’re trying too hard and can come across as tacky. In contrast, not wearing any jewellery at all will not compliment your outfit well or might look like you can’t afford any. If you’re struggling, some dainty gold pieces are a great option, since gold plating is cheaper than the solid alternative. Fake pearls are also hard to identify, so a simple string of them will always look classy.

Be the first out at events

Sign up for mailing lists to events, shows, and launches. If you can be at the opening night for something, go! If you can get to a networking event or fundraiser with other wealthy people, make sure you’re there. Spending time out doing exciting things, especially among rich people, will let people know you have the money to be out and doing the hottest new thing.

Have good etiquette

If you want people to think you are rich, your manners should be perfect. Etiquette and good manners are always associated with elegance. From table manners to your levels of courtesy to managing your temper, be sure to remain calm and elegant. Being well-mannered will get you far and make people think you are richer than you really are.

Be knowledgeable about certain topics

There are certain topics that the wealthy just seem to know about. Have some basic knowledge on high-end brands, art, travel, and history. Most wealthy people have top tier educations so you need to come across as if you do too, even if this isn’t the case. Wealthy people also typically travel a lot and can afford the finer things in life, so being able to discuss these topics casually will make you come across as rich as well.

Take time on skincare

You might be well groomed in every other way, but taking immaculate care of your skin really shows. Use SPF on the daily, never forget to cleanse and moisturise, and stay hydrated. Taking great care of your skin makes you look that much cleaner and more radiant. If you look like you’re well put together with great skin, you will easily look richer than someone dressed just like you with worse skin.

Change your mindset to one of success

The way you think can go a long way. Being confident makes you seem more capable. What’s more, with a positive mindset, you are more likely to take on challenges which makes you more likely to develop greater skills. This will bring you closer to success. Any kind of success can be associated to wealth if you portray it in a gracious but confident way.

Have your hair styled

Getting a regular haircut is a perfect way to upkeep your appearance and make you look polished. Cutting off those dead ends and having healthy hair will always look better. What’s more, hair always grows back. This makes it that much easier to keep up with trends when it comes to hair as opposed to your wardrobe. Your hair can be ever-changing so long as it is sleek and well taken care of. In fact, being able to keep up with hair trends looks the opposite of cheap, the way always changing your wardrobe can look.

Take part in upper-class hobbies

The wealthy have hobbies that tend to only be shared by other wealthy people. This includes sports such as tennis, polo, golf, and skiing. Activities such as dining at fancy restaurants and travelling are also on that list. Even if you have to save up to participate in these activities, it is worth doing so to be seen with other wealthy people and to get to know them. Befriending wealthy people also means you are more likely to gain similar opportunities to them, thus being seen as one of them.

Learn to apply elegant makeup

If you’re someone who wears makeup, it is crucial that you learn to apply it expertly and appropriately in order to look rich. Get on YouTube and learn how to apply natural looking makeup with neutral colours for everyday, and something just slightly darker for evening events. It is crucial that your makeup looks clean and natural to keep you looking expensive.

Keep your socials sparkling

We live in a digital age, and social media matters. Keep your online profile up to date with shiny new pictures of you and your surroundings. Be sure to include prestigious events you attend, beautiful scenery you visit, holiday pictures, or even aesthetically pleasing pictures of you at home. Present an idealised, fairy-tale version of your life, regardless of whether it truly reflects your reality.