The photo below is of “La Popular”, a very well-known bridal shop in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. The shop has been the subject of many rumours over the years but the most famous rumour is the most disturbing of all.



The rumour says that the owner of the shop had a daughter that tragically died on her wedding day. The event sent the mother crazy and she had her daughter mummified to preserve her body. She then put the body in the window of her shop dressed in a beautiful wedding gown to match her beauty.


To look at the mannequin, the hair does look a little fake but this would be the case if the body had been preserved. The eyes and other features of the face are however very life like.



The dress on the mannequin does change quite regularly but only the owner of the shop and some trusted employees are allowed to touch.


The most creepy feature is definitely the hands.



They contain fine lines and extremely life like detail.



The nails are a little grubby, adding to the creepiness.


Some people consider her to be a saint. They prey in front of the window and leave candles  to ask for special favors or help in matters of love. 



Some other people leave gifts to the clerks of the shop for Pascualita. Some brides go to the bridal shop and they won’t look at any dress but the one Pascualita is wearing. They say wearing it will bring good fortune in their marriage.

Some people claim that she moves positions throughout the night and that she even sometimes smiles at people as they pass by the shop.