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Waving at the wrong person

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It’s a common error. You think someone’s waving at you – so obviously you wave back! This is fine… when they’re not actually just waving at someone else. Of course, this hopefully isn’t something that is going to happen regularly, but it’s something that almost everyone has done at some point in their life. Embarrassing? Yes. But don’t beat yourself up over it forever!

Tripping over in public

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Almost everyone’s tripped over in public at some point in their life. Whether it’s the curb or your own feet, having a fall in public is something that can be more than a little embarrassing. Often, it’s hard to know what hurts more – your knees or your pride! It’s important to dust yourself off and understand that this is something everyone has had to deal with at some point.

Googling yourself

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There are very few things more tempting (or more embarrassing!) than Googling yourself but this is something that a lot of people actually do! There is no reason for us to Google ourselves and we’re not likely to find out anything we don’t already know, but this still doesn’t stop us from wanting to do it. We’re narcissistic creatures at heart.

Checking out your reflection

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Have you ever been caught checking out your reflection in the mirror, a car window, or even a shop window? If so, this is a little bit cringeworthy, but you’re far from alone with this embarrassing habit. Many people do this, or have done this in their lives, so don’t feel alone! Plus, how else were you meant to fix your hair, or get that spinach out of your teeth?

Car karaoke

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How annoying is it that James Corden came up with Carpool Karaoke, when you (or anyone else) could have done so? One of the biggest and most common embarrassing habits that we all have is car karaoke. When you’re on a lonely drive and an iconic tune comes on the radio, you can’t help but sing along, out loud, at the top of your lungs. And why shouldn’t you?!

Talking to your pet like a person

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If you are a pet owner, you will be familiar with this embarrassing habit of talking to your pet like it is a person. But, newsflash, you are not alone here! In fact, most pet owners out there will probably admit that they themselves do this on a frequent basis, and this is certainly more common than you might think. Embarrassing baby voices aside, your pets probably love it.

Eating your kids’ snacks

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All parents out there will attest to this embarrassing and slightly naughty habit” eating your kids’ snacks when they are not there. Let’s be honest, children’s snacks can sometimes be downright delicious and we often secretly wish they were our own. A lot of us will dig into our kids’ snacks in front of Netflix after they have gone to bed. They won’t remember, right?

Wearing headphones with no music


Wearing headphones with no music is also one of those things that everyone has done at some point. Many people wear headphones in public because they like to listen to music, but some of us actually wear them in silence to stop people talking to us! This is something that more people do than you might actually think – you’re not just rude.

Ignoring someone you don’t like in public

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We’ve all been out in public and seen a person we don’t really care for coming our way. Many of us have taken steps to ignore that person and simply pretend we never saw them. This is not a particularly nice thing to do, and definitely not the most mature choice, but it is definitely something many of us have done in the past – even if we don’t admit it!

Yelling at fictional characters on your TV

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Getting invested in TV shows is one of streaming services’ greatest successes, being able to binge your favorite shows whenever it suits you is truly a captivating experience. Don’t panic if you’re the type of person who gets so into it that you wind up yelling at the fictional characters on your TV – you definitely aren’t the only one.