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1. Beware: A VERY red tongue

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Your tongue can tell you a lot about your health, and if you find your tongue is very red, it could be a sign of Scarlet fever. Alternatively, it could as sign of Kawasaki disease – a condition in which all of your blood vessels have become inflamed.

2. A burning sensation

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If you’ve noticed a persistent burning sensation in your mouth, this is something that could be a result of burning mouth syndrome, which is due to a problem with your nerves. This sensation might also be caused by something like acid reflux, or even an infection.

3. White patches

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White patches on your tongue tend to be more noticeable on our tongues due to the fact they are typically pink in color. If you find there are white patches on your tongue, this is something you should be paying attention to, as it could be a sign of bacterial thrush.

4. Hairy tongue

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One of the most unusual and uncomfortable feelings in the world is something known as hairy tongue. This is a medical condition in which your tongue may feel or appear hairy, and one of the biggest reasons for this might be because of bacteria in your mouth. This is, usually, easily treatable, but speak to a professional to find out your options.

5. A black tongue

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A black tongue is actually more common than you might imagine, but can also be harmless. In a lot of cases, this is probably the result of something called antacid, which contains an ingredient called bismuth, which can turn the tongue black.

6. A very smooth tongue

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Healthy tongues have a bumpy texture to them, with small pink bumps all over the surface, which is indicative of good health. An overly smooth tongue that has no bumps could be down to a lack of vitamins, and this is something you have to address.

7. Patches of smooth and bumpy texture

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Another possible sign that something might be wrong is when you have patches of smooth and bumpy all over your tongue. This might be a signifier of something like psoriasis, as well as something like lichen planus.

8. Red and flat tongue

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As we know, a healthy tongue should be pink and bumpy, so if your tongue is redder and flatter than it usually is, it could be a sign of problems. One of the biggest factors that could be causing a red and flat tongue could be a result of vitamin B3 deficiency.

9. Bumps under the tongue

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Bumps under the tongue are strange and uncomfortable, and they can be very noticeable when it comes to dealing with things like speaking or eating. These bumps can be sign of potential problems such as a viral infection, and it is important to try to deal with this as much as you can to prevent the issue getting worse.

10. A single bump at the end of your tongue

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A single bump on the end of your tongue could be a sign of several different things, one of which is something known as lingual papillitis. This is something that can happen when your tongue is irritated, and it it can prove to be very uncomfortable.

11. Sore tongue

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When you have a sore tongue, this is something that can be caused by a number of different reasons, and you may not even be aware of the cause. There are a few things that can contribute to this, such as burning it on something hot or lichen planus, a rash that irritates the tongue, but it could also be a sign of something more sinister, such as oral cancer.

12. A huge tongue

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If your tongue feels too large for your mouth all of a sudden, this could be an indicator that there is some kind of underlying problem. When your tongue feels too large for your mouth to function normally, this could be due to a condition known as hyperthyroidism, which you should get checked out as soon as you can.

13. Grooves in your tongue

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Grooves in your tongue are typically nothing to worry about, and many people have these occur naturally in their tongues. But sometimes they can be linked with other underlying health conditions, such as psoriasis. Make sure you keep these grooves clean and free of food.

14. Rolling your tongue is NOT a genetic thing

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Being able to roll your tongue is a pretty cool trick to be able to do. Whilst genetics does play a role in who can roll their tongue, but people can also learn to roll their tongue, regardless of genetics. Environmental factors can also influence whether you can roll your tongue, particularly in its prevalence in many European languages.

15. Red patches on your tongue

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Having red patches on your tongue could be a sign that there is something to worry about. In many cases it will be nothing, and this could also be due to a something like a fungal infection. However, it could also be a sign of a condition such as diabetes.

16. Yellow tongue

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A yellow tongue is something that looks unpleasant and can be a little bit uncomfortable as well. A yellow tongue could be use to something like poor oral hygiene, as well as things like alcohol and tobacco. Yellow tongue is unpleasant to look at, and has also been linked to halitosis.

17. Teeth marks

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If you have teeth marks on your tongue, there could be a few reasons behind this, with the most common ones being that you bite your tongue or grind your teeth too much. This is one of those things you may not even be aware you’re doing, but getting a gumshield for bedtime is going to make a big difference.

18. Ulcers

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Ulcers are a pretty common tongue problem, and can be caused by several factors, such as a lack of vitamin C. This can be also be a sign that you are run down and that your immune system is struggling to fight against some sort of infection. Persistent ulcers need to be checked out, as they can be a sign of oral cancer.

19. Furry tongue

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Much like hairy tongue, having a furry tongue can unpleasant and uncomfortable, and this is something that can be an indicator of something serious like appendicitis. In some cases, this will be a very minor thing, but it is important to get this checked out by medical professionals as soon as you can.

20. A swollen tongue

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Your tongue could become swollen due to something like an infection or illness that is causing your mouth to swell up. You might wind up with an allergic reaction to something like food, and this is something you need to seek medical advice over this to set your mind at ease.

21. A layer of white

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Having a layer of white on your tongue is not uncommon, and more often than not, this is due to a build-up of plaque. When you are looking to get rid of this, you should be brushing properly, and observing basic but important dental hygiene practices can help you with this.

22. Thin tongue

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If it seems like your tongue is thinner than normal, this could be as a result of dehydration, because less water in your body tends to cause your cells to appear shrunken. So a thin tongue could be a result of not getting enough liquid, and staying hydrated is one of the best ways of achieving this.

23. A stripy tongue

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Stripy tongues can be a little alarming because of the fact that they look strange and can feel uncomfortable. This is something that could be a result of Oral Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disease which you will need to speak to a medical expert about, and seek treatment to deal with it.

24. A vivid colored tongue

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When your tongue isn’t its regular color, and instead has a more vivd red color, this could be an indicator that all is not well. It could be a problem with your immune system, damaging your body more broadly. One of the biggest reasons for this could be strep throat, or some other infectious condition.

25. A creamy patchy tongue

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Having a creamy or patchy tongue could be a sign of a bacterial infection, and might indicate something like oral thrush. This is going to be incredibly uncomfortable, and is something that you need to seek treatment for so you can get it sorted; the great news is that thrush is very easily treatable.

26. A blistered tongue

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There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when you blister your tongue, and, in most cases it is going to be because you burned it on a scalding hot beverage. However, it is also important to understand that a blistered tongue can be a result of a condition such as herpes, and this is something you need to treat.

27. Thick yellow coating

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If you have a thick yellow coating on your tongue, this could well be an indicator that something is amiss, such as you’re ignoring dental hygiene. However, it might also suggest you have an intestinal imbalance, and this is going to manifest in thick yellow tongue coating – so make sure you get this sorted if it’s troubling you.

28. Brown tongue

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This one is a little more unusual, but if you notice your tongue start to turn brown in color, there are a few reasons that could be behind it. Smoking is one of the big ones that can lead to a brown tongue, but it might also be that you’ve burned it, changed medications or your drinking too much tea and coffee.

29. Dry tongue

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Sometimes, you might find you have as strange dry sensation on your tongue. This is something that can make swallowing extremely uncomfortable. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of this, so it’s important to think about shifting your lifestyle habits to address this.

30. White patches

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White patches on your tongue could be a surefire sign that you are experiencing some problems. In most cases, this will simply be discoloration that has been caused by environmental factors. However, sometimes it is the case that these patches could be cancerous.

31. You have ridges in your tongue

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Ridges on the end of the tongue could be minor, and might be something as common as your teeth pressing too hard against the tongue when you’re asleep. However, there are rare cases in which this could link to underlying health conditions.

32. A tongue that’s black and hairy

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Having a tongue that is both black and hairy can be very alarming, not to mention the fact it’s not nice to look at. In most cases, this will be due to health conditions such as yeast infection, bad oral hygiene, or diabetes. Using a tongue scraper and improving oral hygiene is essential here.

33. Your tongue is made up of 8 different muscles

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The tongue is one of the most flexible muscles in the body, and it can do so many different things, such as chewing and talking. This illustrates the importance of keeping your tongue as healthy and clean as possible, doing more than just keeping up with the basic standard of oral hygiene.

34. The average tongue is four inches long

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From the inside of your mouth to the tip of your tongue is an average of around four inches in length. The tongue is one of the most important muscles in the body, and there have even been some tongues on record that have measured far longer than 4 inches.

35. You should always keep an eye on the color of your tongue

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Keeping up to date with the color of your tongue is really important, as this is something that helps you to analyze your health. It is important to track your health by looking at variations of colors of your tongue and researching what they mean, respectively. This can help you to learn if issues are particularly serious, and when you should take action.

36. The bumps on your tongue aren’t tastebuds

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Despite what many people believe, the mini bumps on your tongue are not actually tastebuds. However, these bumps are actually called papillae, and they are designed to help grip food whilst your teeth are chewing. They need to be looked after so they don’t become irritated.

37. The tastebuds can’t be seen by the naked eye

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The tastebuds can be found in the papillae, but they are incredibly small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Tastebuds are a vital part of your tongue, and this is essential for helping you eat and taste food, so make sure you don’t damage your tastebuds.

38. Every single part of the tongue can taste different things

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Not only is the tongue flexible, but it can also work in pretty amazing ways. Most people believe the tongue is split into sections, and those sections are responsible for different tastes. But, in reality, what happens is that every part of the tongue can taste any flavor.

39. Some tastebuds can die and be replaced

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Incredibly, tastebuds can die, especially if you bite into burning hot food. However, the tastebuds can die off, and then your body is very quick to replace them with new ones. This is perfect for ensuring that you can continue to taste food on a day to day basis.

40. Your tongue has thousands of tastebuds

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The tongue is a pretty remarkable muscle in the body, and there is a reason why you can’t see all of the tastebuds on your tongue. The reason for this is because there are actually thousands of different your tastebuds all across the surface of your tongue.