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1. You might feel happier

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Improving your mood and feeling happier and more positive is only going to come with benefits and advantages for your long-term health, and quitting alcohol helps with this. This is especially true if you feeling low or depressed, because alcohol is a stimulant.

2. You could lose weight

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Weight loss is a core component of looking after your long-term physical and mental health, and giving up alcohol can help with this considerably. Studies suggest that a month of no alcohol can save 3,840 calories in wine, and 4,320 calories in lager, which is essential for helping with weight loss.

3. Sleep will improve

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One of the things that we know alcohol intake can play havoc with is your sleeping pattern and, if you’re serious about improving your circadian rhythm, quitting the booze for one month can help with this. You will find it easier to fall asleep, and your sleep pattern will be uninterrupted.

4. Reset your digestion

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Bloating and other digestive issues can be very uncomfortable, as well as causing potential doubt and worry. If this is something impacting you, cutting out alcohol can play a big part in this because alcohol intake may reduce productioin of digestive enzymes, leaving food undigested in your belly.

5. Reduce joint flare ups

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Joint flare ups and inflammation actually could be more linked to alcohol consumption than you might have thought. According to experts, excessive alcohol intake injures the intestinal wall, and causes inflammation locally, as well as throughout the body in the process as well.

6. Improve skin condition

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Improving your skin and making sure you look and feel as good as possible is really important, and you might find that a month of no alcohol can work wonders for your complexion. Facial lines, puffiness, and mid-face volume loss are all linked to alcohol intake, so you might be surprised at the impact this can have.

7. Boost immune system

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Your immune system has an obvious link to your health and well-being, and you need to preserve it as much as possible. One of the best ways of being able to achieve this is to cut out alcohol, as it is known to weaken the gut flora in your microbiome, which leads to you getting sick more frequently and impairs recovery time.

8. No more hangovers

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Hangovers are something that we have all had before, but they become more debilitating as you get older. This is one of the most obvious reasons to cut out alcohol. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a Sunday morning free from headaches, brain fogs and nausea which is going to improve your health, as well as allowing you to get more done.

9. You’ll be more productive

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Productivity is something that we all place a lot of value on in our society, whether it’s in work or daily life. By quitting alcohol for a month, you can help to improve physical and mental wellness almost instantly – decreasing those sluggish, depressed days and helping you to be more efficient in day to day life.

10. You can stay more active

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As well all know, it is important to stay active in order to maintain a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle, something you need to make a conscious effort with as much as you can. By cutting out alcohol, you will feel more energized in the mornings, and this will boost motivation to stay active and keep up with your fitness routine.

11. Lower blood pressure

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High blood pressure is something that is directly linked to alcohol consumption, and is known to be one of the leading causes of heart disease. As such, if you want to protect your heart and lower your blood pressure, you need to think about cutting out alcohol wherever possible. Why not start with just one month?

12. Reduces heart rate

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Research has found that going for a month without drinking alcohol comes with a great number of health benefits, and improving heart health is one of the biggest. Lowering your heart rate is very important for helping you to remain fit, health, and active, as well as avoiding scary health issues later down the line. This is something that cutting out drinking will help you to achieve.

13. Can reduce risk of Type II diabetes

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Another great advantage of cutting out alcohol for a month is that it can greatly reduce your risk of Type II diabetes. In fact, studies have shown that insulin resistance levels can reduce by up to 28% when cutting out drinking for just one month. With numbers like that, it seems like an obvious time to try it.

14. Lower cholesterol levels

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High cholesterol levels are not good for your long-term health, and can be common later in life, so doing what you can to reduce these levels is really important. It is important to understand the role that alcohol consumption plays in raising cholesterol, so a month without drinking should see an instant reduction to potentially harmful levels.

15. More energy

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One of the things that alcohol consumption can lead to is lethargy and a sense of overall laziness. You feel your energy sapped and, even when you don’t necessarily feel hungober, you don’t really want to do anything. The great news is that cutting out alcohol for a month can really help to revitalize and energize you into a whole new lifestyle!

16. Fewer health concerns

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People these days seem to be far more health conscious, and think hard about the types of things that can cause health concerns. To many, after smoking, junk food and illegal substances, alcohol seems like one of the most obvious places to start. Treating your body well and eliminating these worries, particularly as you age, can start with going alcohol free.

17. Clearer mind and better cognitive function

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Having a clearer mind and a better functioning brain is absolutely essential for helping achieve success and being the best version of yourself. By cutting out alcohol for a month, you can ensure that you are going to improve your cognitive function as much as possible, which, regardless of your goals, can only be a good thing!

18. It’s easier to wake up early

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If you ditch the alcohol for a long period of time, you will find that your life may improve in a number of different ways you didn’t even realise. One of the best and biggest is that it is going to help you improve your life is boosting your sleep routine. By eliminating late nights and hangovers, it’s going to be way easier to wake up early and start your day off right!

19. Better hydration

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One of the biggest negative side-effects of alcohol consumption is the fact that it can dehydrate you. This is going to lead to you feeling less energetic, nauseous, and just all round not your best. If you want to reduce these symptoms, it’s not a simple case of increasing your water intake – you need to consider cutting out the alcohol too.

20. Greater peace of mind

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Greater peace of mind is a really important part of the process when it comes to improving and enhancing your life, and taking care of mental health. By quitting alcohol for a month, you are going to be giving yourself much greater peace of mind, with no drunken mishaps to haunt you the next morning or pesky hangovers limiting your lifestyle!

21. You’ll naturally replace it with water

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Another thing that can improve your body when you don’t drink alcohol for a month is that you will be able to replace it with water. This will be a natural process, maybe you’ll start with mocktails or sodas to still join in on the fun, but eventually more and more of the good stuff will creep in, giving you that super hydrated glow!

22. You’ll stop craving it

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Whether you’re an alcoholic or just someone who enjoys a drink with dinner (or in front of the TV), there is a lure to alcohol that makes it attractive. But, when you go a month without drinking it, you will eventually stop craving it. The first week or two may be hard, but they make it much easier to go longer without having a drink again.

23. More disposable income

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You might actually be surprised by how much money you can save as a result of giving up alcohol for a month. We often don’t put much thought into it but, whilst buying a bottle of wine or a can of beer might seem like nothing, over time these costs can mount up. You can make surprisingly good savings by reducing your alcohol consumption over time.

24. Improved liver function

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Your liver is a really important organ, and one that you need to make sure you are looking after as much as possible. By quitting the booze for a month, this is something that can result in improved liver function, and your body is going to thank you for it.

25. Increased mood and positivity

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Another great way in which your body benefits from a month without alcohol is that it can lead to increased mood and positivity overall. It’s one thing feeling happier, but having a sunnier outlook on life in general is something is contagious and alluring to those around you. You can achieve this by simply cutting out alcohol and feel your mental health improve.

26. Better concentration and memory

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Being able to improve your memory and concentration is something that you have to get right, and that can enhance different areas of your life. It is important that you consider some of the best ideas that will help you to focus on improving concentration and memory, and cutting out alcohol can help with this.

27. See better results from your work out

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When you hit the gym, it is important to try to get the most out of your work out, otherwise all that effort to get there becomes a waste! There are a lot of ideas that are going to help you improve this process, and a month without alcohol can see you increase motivation, lose weight and get toned much more easily.

28. Your stomach will feel better

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Indigestion and acid reflux are both stomach issues that can be exacerbated by alcohol irritating the digestive system. By cutting out alcohol, you remove this problem, as well as allowing your stomach to absorb valuable nutrients and store vitamins and minerals better as a result. Goodbye bloating!

29. Reduced risk of certain cancers

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One of the best and most important ways a month without alcohol can help your body is that it reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer. In fact, reducing drinking is believed to reduce the risk of breast and colorectal cancers, and this is gong to come with a lot of important health benefits for the future.

30. Enhanced social connections

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When you stop drinking for a month, you will find a new perspective on social situations, and you will be able to develop better connections with people. It might prove difficult at first, but when you’re more aware of what you are doing and conversations that people are having, you are in a position to able to enrich your social experiences.

31. Improved behavior

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Something else to consider is that when you are not drinking alcohol there is no risk of intoxication. As such, there is a reduced risk of some of the bad behavior that is generally associated with drinking alcohol. Improved behavior makes you feel good about yourself the next day, improves your relationships, and keeps you out of trouble overall.

32. Hormonal balance

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Having more balanced hormones is something that you need to think carefully about when it comes to improving your health and wellness. Whether you’re trying for a baby, going through menopause, or just struggle with hormones more generally – it is important to consider the external factors effecting your hormones, such as drinking.

33. Considerably boosts mental well-being

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You may be working hard to improve your mental health and wellness in all other areas of your life, but have you considered that it could be alcohol that’s holding you back? Cutting out alcohol, a substance heavily linked to depression, will have an instant positive impact on this going forward – imagine what a month could do!

34. Decreased risk of accidents

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Risks of accident or injury are much more elevated when you are under the influence of alcohol, no matter the situation you are in. By cutting out the consumption of alcohol, or removing it from your life for a month, you will be able to reduce the risk of accidents – whether these are caused by intoxication or reduced sporting ability the next day.

35. Improved oral health

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Looking after your oral health and hygiene is so important, and your dentist will be delighted that you are planning to give up alcohol for a month. The advantages this is going to provide for you are great, particularly as alcohol often has a high sugar content. It can boost your gum and teeth health, reduce bad breath, and help your teeth last longer.

36. Stronger bones

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Stronger bones are important for ongoing physical health and wellness, not just reserved for the gym obsessives among us! Bone density issues can be linked to alcohol consumption, something that only increases as we age, and this is why giving up booze can lead to stronger, denser bones.

37. Enhanced muscle recovery

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One of the biggest benefits of giving up alcohol for a month (or even longer) is that it can considerably impact your body’s muscle recovery. When you are exercising, it is important for your muscles to recover correctly to prevent injury further down the line. By reducing your alcohol intake, you improve this process massively.

38. Reduced strain on kidneys

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The kidneys are a vital organ in your body, responsible for filtering blood, removing waste, and making your body function better overall. Alcohol is known to cause damage to this vital organ, so by cutting it out for just one month you are able to give them time to heal and perform at their optimum once more.

39. Better heart health

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Your heart is the most important organ in your body. Without it you cannot live, so you need to take steps to look after it as much as possible in all aspects of life. This is one of the great advantages of reducing alcohol intake – it can help improve cardiovascular health, and reduce the risk of alcohol-induced heart problems.

40. Less risk of alcohol poisoning

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Though alcohol poisoning would be unlikely anyway, unless you were consuming a huge amount, this is still a risk associated with heavy drinkers. Once you stop drinking alcohol, you will remove this risk entirely, bringing obvious advantages. If you’re a big binge drinker, it’s worth considering a month off to reassess and avoid potential damage.