Loose Weight

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A soup diet is a good way to loose weight quickly. There are numerous different soup diets that you can take part in that also include other increments of foods to eat alongside the soup. These diets are only meant to be used for 5-10 days at a time. There is no research into how much weight you would loose as it would depend on how calorie-rich each type of soup holds.

Lower Your Calorie Intake

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Eating just soup would also lower your calorie intake. This is because if you made a soup that is built up of 300 calories (For example a homemade chicken noodle soup), and then ate 1 serving of that 3 times a day, then your calorie intake would only amount to 900 calories per day! This will then result in the loss of weight if your calorie intake is normally higher than that.

Eat A Lot More Vegetables

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Because there are so many different types of soups to make, it makes it almost impossible to not venture out and try multiple different vegetables and legumes! The increase of vegetables in your diet will result in a much healthier diet and will also increase the chances of loosing weight. Using the different vegetables will also let you try different soups by varying the vegetables between each soup to keep the flavour different each time and thus more interesting.

Increase Your Salt Intake

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Canned soups are an easy alternative to eat when you don’t want to cook and can clearly count your calories with. However, they often have a lot more salts processed within them. So if you go on an all-soup diet this can result in a higher blood pressure and possible heart disease and strokes. It is best to make them from scratch!

Make You Feel Fuller

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Because of the intake of liquid throughout the day, this will cause the body to feel full even on smaller amounts of food. This is called Satiety, and is when the body feels the illusion of being full even when you haven’t eaten as much.

Gain Weight

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A soup diet can be good to loose weight, however if you eat too much of it, it can cause severe weight gain. This is because you can have an increase of water weight which in turn makes you bloat easier and feel like you’ve put more weight on. Along with this, soup is an easy meal to continue to eat if you don’t feel satisfied about how full you feel. This means its an easy meal to eat too much of and result in weight gain.

Lower Body Mass Intake

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Research has found that those who regularly have soup have a lower body mass intake (BMI) due to the increased feeling of fullness and intaking lower calories each day. Those with a lower BMI are less likely to be obese, it decreases the risk of Type 2 diabetes and improves blood sugar levels.

May Regain The Weight After Diet

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Soup diets are generally only used over 5-10 days, therefore you will likely regain the weight after coming off of the diet due to the sustainability of the diet plan. Therefore, when starting to introduce more meals after just eating soup, you will need to adhere to a more sustainable weight loss eating plan.

Increased Fibre Intake

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Within a soup is often vegetable’s, beans, whole grain and fruit, therefore eating just soup will increase your fibre intake dramatically. This is because these foods have a good amount of fibre within them, which will result in a reduced appetite which will then mean you will loose weight quicker due to eating smaller meals.

Increased Water Intake

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A soup is mainly a liquid, there it will improve your water intake throughout the day. Increased water intake will improve your day-to-day bodily functions and will support you in weight loss efforts. Along with this, it will make your skin clearer, lubricate and cushion your joints and gets rid of unnecessary wastes through urination.