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David Cassidy – Then

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If you have watched the musical-sitcom ‘The Partridge Family’, then you will know this man. David Cassidy is still best know for playing his iconic role as Keith Partridge and was apparently hired solely for his good looks – and we can see why! He had that pure 70s charisma that we all loved!

David Cassidy – Now

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David Cassidy has now steered away from acting and is instead pursuing a singing career! But he hasn’t steered away from The Partridge Family, as he sang for the show too. He is an extremely talented singer, with bringing out 10 albums. Each album he sold did get a good amount of sales, selling around 1 million copies per album.

Helen Hunt – Then

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Helen Hunt is a child star from the 70s who has continued to be in the spotlight throughout her life. At her peak, she appeared in numerous TV shows and movies like ‘Amy Prentiss’, ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ and ‘The Facts Of Life’.

Helen Hunt – Now

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Nowadays, Helen Hunt still has a beaming smile on her face and is still pursuing her acting career. She amazingly won an Oscar for her brilliant performance in the comedy ‘As Good As It Gets’. It’s brilliant to see her still pursuing something she loves!

Melissa Sue Anderson – Then


What many people don’t know about Melissa Sue Anderson is that she actually competed against 200 other girls for the part of Mary Ingalls in Little House On The Prairie. She upsettingly went blind at just 15, but amazingly she handled it with grace and continued to look stunning aswell!

Melissa Sue Anderson – Now


After the show ended, Melissa went to act in other movies and TV shows like The Equalizer. With this, she also wrote an autobiography named The Way I See It – A Look Back At My Life On The Little House. In 1999, she got a place in the Western Performers Hall Of Fame at the National Cowboy And Western Heritage Museum.

The Jacksons – Then

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Everyone knows the famous Jackson 5. The group consisted of Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael and Tito and they brought out some amazing singles like I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save and I’ll Be There which is what started their amazing careers thus far.

The Jacksons – Now


In 2011 The Jacksons reunited after not being on our screens for 17 years! They felt it was right to come together to celebrate their late brother’s solo career. All the members are still active through touring round the world, however Randy retired years ago.

Janet Jackson – Then

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Janet decided to take a different route to her brothers, she was much more interested in the acting side of fame. She acted in numerous variety shows and played the role of Penny in the show Good Times and the hit shows Fame and Different Strokes.

Janet Jackson – Now

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Janet then chose to follow in her brother’s footsteps and is now a hugely successful musician, selling millions of albums. She still continues her acting career through starring in several TV shows and movies. She married Wissam Al Mana and has also cancelled her world tour to focus on starting a family.