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Size matters

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While graphology is largely considered a pseudoscience, like most of the elements of pop psychology that TV detectives use, there is a nugget of truth in there. Sometimes trends do occur for sociological reasons, or someone’s professional dictates certain norms. There is even some evidence to suggest that outgoing, confident people write much larger than introverts. A regular form suggests focus and attentiveness.

How you’re feeling

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It’s quite obvious when you think about it, strong emotions can often produce an adrenaline reaction, which floods your arms and legs with energy to either run away or start swinging. Your hands shaking is one of the most common responses to this, which will show in both the pressure and neatness of the writing.

Angry points

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Pointed and angled letters are said to imply traits in the realm of tense and intelligent, but anxious. The scrawl-type angled letters are likely a result of trying to write too fast, cramming in as many words and details as possible, whereas others might take only general bullet points and still absorb the same information.

Dotting your I’s

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There is a connection between the way you dot your I’s and aspects of your personality. Generally, a little spot of ink is enough to clearly show it’s an I, so going further than that with a circle or a heart implies a conscious effort to stand out, to take an extra little step to ensure your impression is made.

Fast and furious

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It’s often suggested that slow writers tend to operate a little slower than other people. There isn’t a link between cognitive ability and wrist dexterity, however, people who still write slowly into adulthood tend to be the ones who would ask a teacher to repeat themselves, instead of speeding up. Meaning they tend to have more confidence.

Space to breathe

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The spacing between letters is also something that changes from person to person. Some people condense the space down and write closer together, while others tend to leave plenty of space between the letters. Supposedly, this is a reflection of your social preferences, showing whether you’re a people person or more independent.

Your signature moves

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Many people suggest that signatures can tell you a lot about somebody. A clear and legible sign is said to suggest confidence, while a messy or hard-to-read one is thought to imply you’re a private person and difficult to read. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but now you can google your favorite celeb’s signature and read their mind.

I loop

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A lowercase I when written in cursive can either be done from the bottom and retraced, or illustrated as a swirly loop. Handwriting experts will tell you this is a reflection of the space you give yourself, with a wide loop being spontaneous and relaxed. A tight narrow loop or a retraced I can mean you limit yourself, and have trouble reaching out.

What your slant means

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Regardless of whether you write in cursive or block, you might have noticed your handwriting isn’t perfectly straight. Graphology would suggest that a lack of a slant shows you are methodical and focused and don’t fall for distractions. A left slant is thought to reflect introversion, while a right slant would be the opposite, you’re a people person.

Your ambitions

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According to, again, the largely discredited science, the height with which you cross your T can be representative of how you perceive your place in life. A bold, straight line across the peak shows ambition, self-esteem and drive. The lower you go with your horizontal slash, the more morally and spiritually evil you are. Never use an underscore.