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Personal artifacts on display

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If you have personal artifacts on display, maybe memorabilia on your shelves or family photos on your wall, then you will have a strong sense of self. One of the first things people notice about your space is how much of ‘you’ is incorporated into the decor. So if you have already chosen to give your house a little touch of your own life and personality, then you most likely know your worth and what you’re made of!

A crowded desk

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In a perfect world, we would all have one of those pristine workspaces, where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. However, some people actually enjoy a messier desk, claiming that you can tell there’s a lot happening around a person when their desk has a lot happening too. So, if this is you, then you are most likely working your way to pursue some amazing things in your career and life!

High-polished trends

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Aspirational decor may look beautiful, but if it has nothing to do with your actual lifestyle, it may mean you are dissatisfied about your current situation. For example, if someone has an equestrian-themed living room but they’ve never actually been on a horse. However, this can also indicate that you are a goal-driven person, whereby you see your equestrian-themed room and think ‘wow that’s beautiful, someday I’ll be that person!’.

Lots of family photos

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If you have lots of family photos on your walls, then you will have a nostalgic personality. Often people will have these photos up as they find comfort in creating these memories and look forward to more human interactions and memories to be made. However, please note that preserving memories isn’t a negative thing – it’s simply an indication of one’s preferences.

Smaller vignettes

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Creating those cozy corners you have scattered around your house may mean you prefer the quiet life and are actually more introverted than extroverted. Perhaps you’d prefer sitting in a nook in your living room reading, rather than going ‘out on the town’.

You have a well-made sofa

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Accessories make the room sing, but spending money on the pieces that anchor the room is the real deal, like a quality sofa for a living space, or a bed in the bedroom, or a dining table for the dining room. If you make these bigger purchases and you don’t mind spending more money on the main parts of a room, then this shows you make smart investments. You will use pieces like this over and over again, and unless it breaks you can use it until YOU want rid of it.

You prefer alternative ways to decorate your walls

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If you enjoy more gallery style walls or boards with clips or twine to hang your pictures and artwork, then you are comfortable in switching up your home all the times. In other words; you welcome change with open arms! You become inspired by change and will welcome change when it comes to you and your family.

Fine art

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If you like to purchase fine art then you are business savvy. This is because investing in high-end fine art is not only a huge stress factor due to the financial investment, but it’s also the responsibility of caring for an original creation. So for those who still love to collect art despite these issues, it will often not feel like lifelong investment, because they’re savvy with buying and selling.

Renters with a penchant for design

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In a time when renters are growing in numbers, it’s easy to fall into a trap where you leave your home looking and feeling like a temporary space because you don’t own it. But if you are a renter who puts in a little elbow grease into your home, then you show commitment and an eagerness to nest. It’s those people who put contact paper on their kitchen cabinets and have flavor paper on their walls so that they can come off easy – these people are desperate to nest, but aren’t at the stage of home ownership!

A bare space

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On the flip side of things; a bare space could mean a fear of commitment. Maybe you’re indecisive and fear making an expensive design mistake? Often people won’t commit to sofas and artwork or decorative pillows because they haven’t planted their roots yet. So, you might just feel as though you haven’t found the right scenario to commit to a huge purchase yet!