It varies depending on the time

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Your hands will inevitably change their appearance throughout the day. As you eat, exercise, and go about your duties, the finer lines on your palms will disappear as your blood flow increases. A commonly held belief by chiromancers, those who read palms, is that the best time to have your fortune read is bright and early in the morning, preferably before you have eaten breakfast.

What you inherit from birth

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For males, the left hand is considered to show characteristics present from birth, while the right hand shows what you have accumulated throughout life. For females, this is reversed. That isn’t the only thing palm readers look for before attempting to read your future either, as the size and shape of your fingers and palm are believed to have an effect also. Larger palms often signal great intellect and respect, while people with fingers much longer than their palms are thought to be terrible planners.

Crossed lines can help you understand your love life

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While chiromancers will look at each of the main palm lines individually, they will also pay attention to how these lines intersect. The heart line, for example, which begins just under the little finger and arcs upwards between your index and middle finger, represents emotional stability and your love life. If it crosses your life line, which starts near the base of the palm and reaches up and around your thumb, then you are likely to have your heart broken very easily.

Breaks in your lines can mean a sudden change is imminent

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Some palm lines are not continuous. Depending on which of your main lines have gaps in them, your life could have a few different significant outcomes. A break in your life line is thought to mean a sudden change in your life is imminent or may have already happened, whereas a broken head line can imply indecisiveness, forgetfulness or difficulties with commitment.

What fate has in store for you

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The fate line, which starts just beneath your middle and ring finger then runs downward through the centre of your palm, is said to represent the role of external forces in your life. A deep and pronounced line shows a strong bonding with fate and suggests it has a deep hold over your life. Having no fate line or a more subtle one is said to mean a comfortable, albeit uneventful, life is before you.

How rich will you be?

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There are a few different aspects of palm reading that centre on financial or career success. A life line ending at the base of your pinky finger would imply a lucrative career or business, whereas the line ending at your ring finger can suggest wealth has already been attained. The fate line is believed to play an important role in success too. If the line forks off somewhere, a palm reader would say that great riches lay ahead.

Your connections to astrology

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The lines themselves are not the only thing a palm reader looks for. The mounts of your hand, the rounded and elevated skin, are also closely examined for potential meaning. They are named after the Roman titles for the Greek pantheon of gods, hence chiromancy’s connection to astrology. The Apollo, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter mounds are all intertwined with the main lines.

Who you might marry

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The Apollo mound, located just beneath the ring finger, is said to represent potential futures surrounding happiness, wealth and beauty. For men, this equates to business success and high earnings, though it also implies a willingness to help those less fortunate than yourself. A pronounced Apollo mound on a female, Chinese palmistry suggests, is linked to a high possibility of marrying rich.

Your fortune depends on color and texture

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Palmistry denotes the two main types of palms as ‘fair’ and ‘cherry’, with each one representing the colour and coarseness of your hands. A redder hand is believed to show how a mix of negative and obsessive behaviours can limit your liveliness moving forward. Conversely, fair and spongy hands suggest self-centeredness and someone who would work best in short bursts.

What element you align with

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If your hands are broad and square-shaped with similarly proportioned fingers, chiromancy would suggest you have earth palms, meaning solid emotional resolve and good morals. Square palms with longer fingers represent air types, who tend to be social and witty but prone to spitefulness. More oval-shaped palms imply a water sign, which denotes creativity and empathy but also introversion. Finally, fire palms are small, square, often flushed-pink with short fingers and represent impulsivity and extroversion.