Bow Tie Crooked


In every family picture, there’s always something amiss. In this case, it was the crooked bow tie of the son. His parents requested a fix, but they didn’t expect what Photoshop prankster James Fridman had in store. Check out the hilarious result.

The Picture From The Museum


When it comes to dealing with Photoshop experts, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you wish for. If you don’t provide clear instructions, you might just end up with an unexpected result, like the picture on the right. So, remember to communicate your desired edits precisely to avoid any amusing surprises.

Dude In The White Hat


Couple pictures tend to receive the most amusing edits, particularly when you’re on a romantic getaway and aiming for the perfect shot with no unwanted individuals in the background. However, keep in mind that when you ask James for edits, he takes your instructions quite literally. In this instance, he removed the wrong guy wearing the white hat, resulting in a hilarious outcome.

Now You Look Like Him


In this photo, the gondolier happened to be wearing the same shirt as the woman in the picture. To rectify this, the woman’s husband requested a change. However, true to his mischievous nature, James decided to swap the gondolier’s shirt with the one worn by the husband, resulting in a playful twist.

You Asked For It


Playing target for your friend, even if they have good aim, can be a risky endeavor. There’s always a chance of unintended consequences, such as getting hit in the head and finding yourself being loaded onto an ambulance on a stretcher. It’s important to prioritize safety and think twice before engaging in such activities.

Wasn’t It Already Big Enough?


While many would argue that the belt buckle was already sufficiently large, the guy made an unusual request for it to be even bigger. True to his mischievous nature, James took it to the extreme by making it gigantic enough for both guys to hold together. The result is quite a sight to behold.

One With Nature


Non-native English speakers often struggle with prepositions, and it’s common to make mistakes. In this case, instead of asking James to climb the tree and take her picture, the woman should have climbed it herself.

Paige Touches The Top


The Eiffel Tower holds great iconic status, and many individuals aspire to capture photos that give the illusion of touching its pinnacle. One lady had a similar request, but the outcome turned out to be hilariously unexpected.

Removing The Car


We find it amusing how the guy’s arm magically extends to hold the girl’s leg in the photo. Surprisingly, the girl ended up with more wedding dress than she originally bargained for, which should have brought her joy.

The Broom


Boys’ haircuts these days are becoming increasingly outrageous. Take this guy’s hairstyle, for example, resembling a broom. In a comical twist, James decided to remove the guy’s hair instead of the actual broom in the background.