When you come out of a relationship, or if you have been out of one for a while, it can feel like the only right thing to do is to get into one. This thought process is all wrong as meeting the right person clearly needs to be the first step.

Yeah jumping back into a relationship can be good but there is a heck of a lot of good that can come from staying and EMBRACING being single for a while.



If you find yourself suddenly single, think of this…

Self Love – Understand it

Sometimes when you have been in a relationship for a while, you forget how to love yourself properly. You have spent so much time focussing on your partner and your relationship that you have forgotten all about the most important person… YOU. Reclaiming love for self will open up your life in many new ways. Also by loving yourself you are giving yourself the best basis upon which to start a new relationship (at a time that is right for you of course).

The universe was trying to tell you something

Often when a relationship doesn’t work out, it was for the best. The universe, your soul, your inner you was trying to tell you something. It is difficult to recognise this in the beginning as you sit there nursing a broken heart but as you move on, you will start to see why you may be better off with out them after all. It may have been nobodies fault, the relationship may just not have been right for you. It is now you can start to think about what was missing from your last relationship and affirm what is right for you.


Make a list. Us girls love lists after all.

Checklist for SinglesStop sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. NOBODY will be attracted to an unwashed tired boring version of yourself. You are single but it is not a bad word. There are many millions of people in the same boat and many of those are gorgeous right celebs who have also made the same choice as you.


Get busy and start to follow up on those hobbies and activities you may have been missing out on. The world is your oyster now so start to enjoy it and more importantly, stat to enjoy being you. There is nothing sexier than a self confident person that is happy with themselves.

Stop comparing yourself to your friends.

It is impossible to compare your own love life to that of a friend. For a start, very rarely will things all be rosy behind closed doors. I am not saying all your friends are in bad relationships but people never share all their problems and believe me, all couples hove them. Have you ever noticed that your friends in the worst relationships are always the ones chiming in with love advice?

Your goal needs to be to meet the person that makes your heart sing. The best way to do this is to be a strong, independent person that exudes confidence. It is difficult to ignore a positive, driven and interesting person so very soon you will be beating them off with a stick.


For now this is your time so go enjoy it. All your friends in relationships are very jealous of your freedom, I assure you 😉