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Everything seems to be going smoothly, and then suddenly you discover the unthinkable. The love of your life is cheating. If you’re being cheated on, or have been before, you’re not alone. While most men are faithful, a sizeable number are not. But why do they do it?

They’re immature

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Relationships require work, time, commitment, and energy. Sadly, some men approach life in a more short-term and reckless way, lacking emotional maturity, so they don’t stop to consider if an affair is worth losing their relationship over or what the negative consequences could be.

They want an ego boost

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We all feel undesirable sometimes, whether it’s because of ageing or drinking too many sangrias, it’s a part of life. Sadly, when people feel insecure, they’re more likely to pursue people outside of their relationship who make them feel good in an effort to feel better about themselves.



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Sometimes, because of circumstances, the opportunity for infidelity appears and men with less moral scruples take it. Men who socialize a lot and spend prolonged periods of time alone with women, at work for example, may be more likely to cheat and face the consequences.


A personal crisis

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If a man feels bored, unfulfilled, is sick of routine, or experiencing a midlife crisis where he wants to reclaim his lost youth, he might be tempted to cheat. Infidelity could be a fruitless attempt to rekindle his zest for life and realise any unfulfilled romantic or sexual ambitions.

Relationship issues

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Recurring or chronic problems might spur your man to seek fulfilment outside of the relationship. So, it’s vital to communicate openly and take action to address relationship problems instead of letting issues fester or sweeping them under the carpet to avoid arguments, a breakdown in relations, and even infidelity.

Social factors

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In some social groups, masculinity is characterised by hedonistic behaviours and sexual conquests. So, men feel pressure to fit in by pursuing women and being sexually active, combine that with alcohol and reduced inhibitions, and it’s possible that he’ll fall back into his old ways.

Sexual variety and novelty

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Are things getting a bit repetitive in the bedroom? Sometimes boredom can feel so frustrating, that people do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, like cheat. So, it’s important for both parties to take steps to keep the spark, and fun, alive in the relationship if it’s to last the long haul.

Personal issues

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Whether they have an insecure attachment style, a substance abuse problem, or some other issue, personal problems can increase the likelihood of infidelity for some men. That’s not to say that men with issues will always cheat, rather it’s the case that some individuals will be more likely to make bad choices.