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1. The time isn’t right

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One of the main reasons why having a child just isn’t worth it is because the time isn’t right. And some people would argue that there is never a good time to have a baby, but if it feels like there are important things getting in the way and holding you back, then you shouldn’t go for it.

2. You can’t afford it

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Money is one of the biggest reasons to shy away from having a baby, and many people don’t have one because they can’t afford to. This actually takes a lot of new parents by surprise, and doing some research to determine the costs of having a baby versus your income could be eye-opening.

3. You want to get married

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If you want to get married, this is going to be a big expense – not to mention very time-consuming in the build-up. It might be one of the reasons why it’s not worth it to have a child, because your wedding day just might never happen if you have a baby to think about and provide for.

4. Buying a house is expensive

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A lot of people long to get on the property ladder these days, which means you need to think about the costs involved. If you are serious about buying a house, you have to understand that this is expensive and not something you will necessarily be able to do once you have a baby.

5. You don’t actually want one

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Too many parents fall into the trap of having a baby when they don’t actually really want one and, in this regard, it’s not really worth it. Having a baby can prevent you from doing many of the things you used to love to do, and it might actually be that you love your lifestyle and don’t want a huge change.

6. Some people aren’t cut out to be parents

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One of the other reasons why having a baby isn’t worth it is that some people just aren’t cut out to be parents… and you might be one of those people. Not everybody has that natural maternal instinct, and having a baby when you aren’t cut out for it can leave you bitter and resentful.

7. It’s very stressful

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Having a baby is basically stress on tap. Pretty much every situation causes stress of some kind, with practically no respite. If you are not a person who deals with stress very well, then having a baby is one of the worst things you can do in your life… and theirs.

8. Hello sleepless nights

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Sleep is a key part of human functionality and we need it to set us up for the day ahead. The problem is, when you have a baby, your little bundle of joy has other ideas, and sleepless nights are a common occurrence. This is a nightmare for those of us who require a good amount of sleep.

9. You and your partner will argue a lot

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Fights in a relationship are par for the course but the problem is that, when you have a baby, you’re going to be fighting and arguing a lot more. When you’re stressed and sleep-deprived, pretty much anything at any moment could cause a full-blown argument to erupt, and this is not conducive to a happy home.

10. It’s a big responsibility

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Having a baby is a monumental responsibility, and one that a lot of people tend to overlook. There are loads of responsibilities in life but not many of them are as big as having a baby. You are responsible for another entire human being who is wholly reliant on you for everything.

11. Your body may never fully recover

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One of the things that a lot of people overlook when it comes to having a baby is that your body may never fully recover. Giving birth can be quite traumatic for the human body, and it might even be the case that you need to have a C-section. Your body may never feel completely right again after giving birth.

12. There are risks involved

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There are risks involved in having a baby, and these might be too great for you to think it’s worth going for it. Depending on your age profile and a number of other factors, there is a risk involved in having a baby, both for your own health and that of your little one. Giving birth can be risky and traumatic, let alone all that comes after.

13. Childcare is extortionate

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Childcare is incredibly expensive, and there are no signs that it’s going to get cheaper either. It is estimated that, in the United States, this cost for a single baby annually sets families back more than $12,000. If you have multiple births this number is, obviously, even larger.

14. It limits your travel options

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If you’re a person who likes to travel, having a baby is something that might not be worth it for you, as it’s going to severely limit your travel options. You’re going to need to pick destinations or resorts that are family friendly, not to mention worrying about things like travel cots and highchairs too!

15. You have less freedom

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Freedom is something you’re going to have to make do without when it comes to having a baby. It’s not like you can just take a weekend away and let your child look after themselves; they are going to need constant care, attention, and supervision, all of which are going to hamper your freedom.

16. Intimacy becomes trickier

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Intimacy is a core part of any relationship, and this is something that is pretty much going to be nonexistent once you have a baby. If you and your partner enjoy being intimate on a regular basis, having a child is probably not the best idea.

17. Discomfort for nine months

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Having a baby only happens after you have spent nine months carrying the baby – which is, undoubtably, going to be nine months of discomfort and pain. If you don’t feel as though you are cut out for this step in the process, it might not be worth having a baby after all.

18. You’ll have to buy things you have no idea how to use

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Something else to consider when it comes to having a child is the fact that you’re going to need to buy lots of new things that the baby is going to need. Many of these will be things you’ve never used before or even knew existed! You’re going to need to spend time learning how to use them, put them together and, inevitably, fix them.

19. Unsolicited advice will be thrown your way

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People love to give unsolicited advice, and one of the worst times in which you will experience this will be when you have a baby. Everyone wants to give their opinion and tell you how you should or shouldn’t be raising your baby. Brace yourself, this is going to get pretty frustrating.

20. More worries

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Worrying is something that never really goes away when you have a child. In fact, it’s even worse when you have a baby because it’s all completely new. You’ll be worrying about them when they are playing, sleeping, eating, and developing, and these worries are still there when they get older.

21. Reacclimatising your life is hard

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Having a baby is a massive life changing experience, and you’re going to have to change your entire life in order to accommodate this. Reacclimatising your life to a new tiny person is difficult, and building everything around your baby is not something a lot of people are prepared to do.

22. You won’t see your friends

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Friends… remember them? Those people you used to hang out with loads before? Yeah, well, they will become a thing of the past – at least temporarily. Don’t expect to be seeing your friends that often, as you schedule is now dictated entirely by your baby, so this is something you need to think about before committing to having a baby.

23. Clothes will never stay clean

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Your clothes are no longer something you wear as a fashion statement or even to look nice; they are something you put on, just to wear something and cover your decency. You’re also going to need to contend with the fact that they are never going to stay clean either – babies are messy! Say goodbye to those white jeans.

24. Parent guilt

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Another of the drawbacks to having a baby is that you get pretty bad parental guilt, which can happen at any time… for any reason. There are so many things that can bring this on but, overall, it’s just something that’s going to make you feel miserable or like a failure. People cite a struggle to balance their lives without a constant feeling of not doing enough for their baby.

25. Teething

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Teething is one of the worst and most stressful things that can happen when you are having a baby. They will be moody and irritable because their teeth are coming though, and they will certainly let you know about it with their levels of screaming! This is unpleasant and stressful to listen to… especially if you’re an unprepared parent.

26. Getting baby to sleep is a military operation

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Getting your baby to sleep can sometimes be easy, whilst other times it can feel like a military operation. It is important to understand that there are different approaches to this, but it’s something that can require a lot of time, effort, stress, and anxiety. It’s just a whole load of trial and error.

27. They’ll be teenagers in no time

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Kids grow up so fast and, before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be a teenager. This might seem great, but that’s before you have to deal with the sassiness and attitude that teenagers bring with them, and this is a whole other set of problems.

28. Maybe you just don’t like kids

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One of the biggest reasons why having a baby might not be worth it for you is because you may just not like kids. A lot of people don’t like children period and this is fine but, if you fall into this camp and you wind up having a kid, this can present a lot of problems. Don’t cave to the pressure!

29. Swearing is out the window

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Swearing is a part of being an adult. IT’s not always advisable, but it is a way of being able to deal with stress and anger, and can sometimes be quite therapeutic. But, you don’t want to be swearing too regularly in front of your baby, because they will start to pick up bad language as a result.

30. Mealtimes stop being a thing

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Mealtimes require planning, execution, and structure. If these are important to you, then having a baby is probably not for you. When you have a baby, mealtimes become a thing of the past, and the whole process morphs into just eating when you have a window of opportunity to do so.

31. Good luck watching a movie in one sitting

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Movies are a great way of being able to relax, unwind, and chill out after a busy day, and this is something you probably enjoy… or you used to! Once a baby comes a long, good luck being able to watch a movie in one single sitting; this is typically something that will take a few sittings to complete.

32. You’ll be cleaning up lots of bodily discharge

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You also need to get used to cleaning up a lot of bodily discharge when you have a baby as well. Whether it’s vomit, spittle, poop or urine, babies are indiscriminate about where they leave their bodily fluids. You’re going to have to deal with these on a daily basis, even with nappies in the mix.

33. You need patience in boatloads

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Patience is a virtue and, when you have a baby, this is even more of a virtue. You’re going to need to be patient with your baby, and with yourself, and you’re going to need to do it multiple times daily. This is something you need to try to work on but, if you’re not that kind of person, having a kid might not be right for you.

34. Your house will become a mess

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If you’re someone who likes to keep a clean and tidy house, then having a baby is going to throw all of this off kilter. Your house is going to become messier, and more cluttered. There’s not really anyone to blame, it is what it is. So, if this is a problem for you, having a baby is probably not the best idea.

35. Hot drinks are a thing of the past

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Kiss that morning coffee or cup of tea goodbye; hot drinks are a thing of the past now that baby is here. You don’t want to risk spills onto the baby, or even accidentally spilling onto your nice carpet because you had to hold the baby in a certain way. If you’re something of a java junkie, it’s time to embrace the iced coffee trend; otherwise, a baby might not be right for you.

36. You’re liable to injure yourself on tiny toys every day

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You will be in a position with a new baby where there will be a lot of new toys for the home and there are times when you might forget about them. This could well result in you treading on pointy or sharp new toys, especially at night or in the early mornings, something most of us would rather avoid. If you’re particularly clumsy – a baby might not be worth the pain right now!

37. Going on a plane is pretty much out the door

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After having a baby, long-haul flights are pretty much off the table. Even shorter flights can become a highly stressful and unpleasant experience. Not only do babies make holidays difficult – they make the journey to any destination near enough impossible. If you lead a jet set lifestyle, you may want to reconsider.

38. Fitness and healthy eating become much tougher

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Keeping fit and eating right as a new parent can often feel like an exercise in futility. You simply don’t have the time or energy to spend working out and trying to get the best possible outcome from the process. Meal planning in advance is something that can help you a little bit with this.

39. Your weight will fluctuate

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Weight gain and loss is something that can happen a lot when you have a baby, and it is important to keep in mind the fact that you can expect weight fluctuation. Whether you’ve gained baby weight or dropped it from a crash diet, your body won’t exactly spring back after a baby! If vanity is important to you, it’s something to consider.

40. You’re just getting through the day

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Nobody said having a baby was going to be easy, and in a lot of ways you could be simply just getting through the day. This is why it is important to think about how you can ease the stress and burden of being a new parent, and trying to turn this into a more positive experience is essential.