We all know how great it is to have a bevvy of great mates around us, to have a laugh and let loose with but sometimes we need a little light hearted reminder about just how great our best girlfriends are and about just how much better it is to have them by our side than those pesky boyfriends!!

Here at RelationshipSurgery.com we’ve put together the top ten reasons we can think of to show you why we should cherish those fabulous BFF’s!

1.     You Can Share Clothes

Ok, so we all love the casual/sexy vibe that sloping around the house in their shirt the morning after the night before brings, but lets face it, that’s as far as the sharing can go when it comes to our other half’s clothes. Not so when to comes to our BFF! There’s many time BFF’s can bail each other out of a clothing crisis or a footwear emergency. The sharing can even stretch to make up and cosmetics, often saving us wads of cash which can then instead be put towards a cheeky cocktail or two together!


2.     They don’t make you watch sport

Even the mere mention of televised footy/rugby matches makes us girly girls groan! Why any guy would think the prospect of watching a load of blokes get down and dirty on a field chasing after a little ball would get us excited is anyone’s guess! Luckily we can be safe in the knowledge that our BFFs’ would NEVER subject us to such misery! Instead we can limit our football involvement to enjoying and appreciating the finer aspects of the great game, like lingering over a polished pic of Becks posing in his keks whilst flicking our way through our stash of girly mags together.


3.     You don’t have to dread/fear meeting their parents

We’ve all been there, the dreaded moment when he suggests you ‘meet the parents’ – what to wear, what to talk about, what to bring etc, well luckily we don’t have to suffer any of that without BFF’s! In fact it probably the case that you’re BFF has been your BFF since childhood so their parents may actually feel more like your second parents rather than a force to fear!

4.     You can talk about getting married and having babies without it being awkward

It’s only natural that us girls like to talk weddings and babies now and then and the great thing is that we can do that with our BFF’s without them shifting their gaze, trying to change the subject, coughing nervously – which is often the result of bring up wither subject with your boyfriend! With your BFF there is no limit to how long you can discuss dress designers, wedding locations, honeymoon hotspots and bouncing babies!

5.     They aren’t unfaithful to you

You can rely on your BFF in a way you can never rely on your BF. They will never break your heart or be unfaithful to you. Your friendship might evolve and grow but you will stay BFF’s throughout these changes. You will stand by each others’ sides through many a boyfriend break up and always have each others back, safe in the knowledge that they would never do the dirty on you.

6.     You talk the same language


Sometime when a guy talks, it can sound like a foreign language and it’s all too tempting to zone out, think about the weather and wait until their lips stop moving! Well there is never such a problem with our BFF. Best friends talk the same language, literally, and in fact they more often than not finish each others sentences. Us girls are programmed to think the same and as a result we have an unspoken understanding in the way we communicate with each other. No ‘bla bla bla’ here!!

7.     You don’t have to worry about any suspicious friends on FB

Ok so we’re not advocating spying on our boyfriends but we can accept there is always a little bit of suspicion when it comes to FB friends, phone contacts, unanticipated text messages, new twitter buddies etc.  But the joy with our best friends is that we don’t have to be suspicious about any of these things. We may be BFF’s but we give each other the freedom to have whoever we like in our lives with no need for jealousy!

8.     Don’t have to breathe in, put make up on, shave your legs etc

We all know the drill when it comes to being around our boyfriends, the sucking in our stomachs, perfecting the ‘natural’ make up look, the waxing, plucking and tweezering we subject ourselves to. Well not so with our BFF. We can exhale, grow as fuzzy and furry as we like and go barefaced alongside our best friend and they will still love us and want to be our best friend.

9.     You can get ready to go out together – with no moody man waiting!

And when we do decide it time for some preening and primping we can share the experience with our best bud.  We can get ready for a night out together taking as much time as we like with curling, straightening, bronzing, glittering, trying on 101 outfits. We can enjoy the experience without the presence of a moody man pacing the floor and passing rude remarks about the time it takes to leave the house!


10. You feel secure in the knowledge your BFF is the one …..which isn’t always the case with boyfriends!

Ever since you made each other your first friendship bracelets you will have felt certain that you would be best friends forever! And you will have been right. We find our BFF’s with a woman’s intuition that doesn’t always seem so intuitive when finding a boyfriend!