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Keely Favell was a typical Welsh young girl, who found herself involved in a crazy medical mystery. Her belly just kept growing, but she wasn’t pregnant and the doctors told her there wasn’t anything serious going on – so what was it?! Read on, to find out more.

Weird weight gain

Credit: Keely Favell via Hook News

Keely was a naturally slim girl who regularly went to the gym and ate only healthy foods to maintain her figure. However, in 2014, she found herself weirdly putting on weight, despite being active and having a healthy lifestyle. It was unusual as to why this was happening she should have been losing weight rather than putting it on, due to her healthy life style. But little did she know, this was the beginning of a crazy story.

Particular problem area


What made the situation even stranger was that it was her belly that was gaining the most weight. So much so that her stomach had gotten super swollen and was becoming much more solid than normal. Keely just thought that if she continued to adhere to her healthy lifestyle, that the condition would disappear by itself. But she soon found out that her positive attitude would change nothing.

The situation snowballs

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Keely’s tummy was constantly expanding, and not before long she was a size 8. The woman was actually the daughter of a doctor, so she was apprehensive about recieving a negative diagnosis, which made her avoid going to the doctors about it at all. Instead, she actually believed she knew what was causing her belly bump. However, little did she know, she really had no clue what it was.

Problem cause

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Keely analysed her symptom and concluded that she must have been pregnant. I mean the bump, the weight gain, and of course the fact that she had been with her boyfriend, Jamie Gibbons, for a decade now! But the couple were still unprepared for parenthood, however it seemed that now they would have to rethink their future plans, with a supposedly new baby on the way. However, she was yet to confirm whether this was true or not.

Feeling concerned

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Shockingly, when Keely finally took a pregnancy test it came back as negative – but how?! Confused by the result, she took another test, which still came back as negative. It was at this moment that Keely became increasingly concerned, worrying that she may have had a miscarriage or that something serious was going on. She finally decided to seek medical advice, and the answers she received were shocking.

Sought medical advice

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After an examination at the doctors, the medical professionals just told her she was getting chubby, which was just as shocking as when the pregnancy test came back negative! But Keely had no doubt about what the doctor said – after all, they were medical professionals! So despite the ongoing weight gain, Keely continued to live her normal life, until the next few years finally caught up with her.

Yielded to the condition

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It now got to the point where Keely was innocently at her work, before she felt gravely ill and unexpectedly fainted. After she came round, she rushed herself to the doctor again for another examination. This time, the doctor diagnosed her blackout as work-stress related, so once again it was nothing serious in the doctors eyes. But again, no explanation was given to her still swollen stomach.

Altered body shape


It got the point where people around her was asking if she was pregnant or when the baby was due. Keely had to constantly shut these questions down, and became really fed-up with the whole ordeal. Furthermore, Keely felt mortified that she looked like a mom-to-be, and even had to shop for maternity wear to accommodate her huge belly!

Sought out specialist

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In late 2016, Keely’s tummy had gotten so huge that she was still constantly passing out and even began having trouble breathing. After her colleague’s persuasion, Keely finally decided to be seen by a specialist for a full check-up. On this occasion, the doctor said it was her chronic medication for acne that had been making her faint. But Keely was now convinced that there was more to this issue.

Medical investigations

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Keely realised that she hadn’t even been taking her acne medication for months, so she told the doctor that there must be something more going on. Yet, again, the doctor suggested she might be expecting. However, this time she got a blood sample taken to test for a pregnancy, but test was of course negative again. Even still, the doctor was convinced Keely was pregnant, and so he ordered an ultrasound to verify his judgement. But what he was about to find would be nothing he’d expect.