If, like me your new years resolution was to do with keeping fit then you probably broke that a few weeks ago. Some people just aren’t cut out for a life in the gym. These people are the lucky ones, why put yourself through 20 rounds of sweaty pain just so that nobody notices you dropped 4lbs anyway? Take on board the justification below of why there really isn’t a question of wether it’s worth sticking to any sort of workout regime.


1. It costs money.


Whether it’s a monthly gym membership, a swim pass, new trainers or the latest home workout DVD, you’ve got to cough up before you even get any benefit. Also, there is no success guaranteed, so essentially buy spending money on products and memberships in the hope of transforming your body, you are in fact gambling your money away. Did your local gym tell you that around 80% of their members don’t actually go to the gym at all? Bet they didn’t!

2. There’s not enough time in the day.


Lets say you plan do spend about 30mins working (is there any point in doing it if you’re not going to do it properly). Do you realise that you need to do a ten minute warm up AND a five minute cool down? You’ve just bought yourself a 45 minute workout. BUT you also have to find a locker, get changed, tag yourself in at the gym, do the 45 minute workout, get a shower, get dry, get changed, dry your hair, apply usual products to hair and face. Thats an hour inside the building. Not to mention the travel time it takes for you to get to and from the gym. Say goodbye to your hour of complete chill out in front of the TV at 6pm. Or alternatively, don’t bother going to the gym.


3. Effort in proportion to benefits


Wow wee, you just burned 400 calories from your intense workout! Congratulations, surely you’ve lost like 1lb today! WRONG. The calories you burn from a tough work out can easily be replaced by just one chocolate bar. You would have to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. It might be easier in future to just say no to a Mars Bar and BAM, you’ve just saved yourself 400 calories in 3 seconds.

4. It’s painful


Warm up and cool down as much as you like but if you’re going to workout properly, you’re going to get hurt. When your muscles ache it’s because you have actually ripped them, as they repair they get stronger and bigger. Not only do you have to go through the discomfort of gasping for breath while your boiling hot body dehydrates, you also have to injure yourself to benefit. Erm no thanks, thats 50 shades of messed up if you ask me.

5. It will make you feel insecure


Walking into a place that is frequented daily by a small percentage of the population that don’t mind spending money to spend their time hurting themselves can make you feel a little out of place. The first thing you will notice is abs and biceps all over the place, the next thing you’ll notice is how you don’t have a body like anybody in here. It’s unlikely that genuine gym goers will look down on you (they’re usually nice, if not odd, people) but even so, you’ll feel twice as big as you really are next to these Gods.

If you want to get fit, tone up and lose some weight, do it in an fun way, like having sex or laughing at cats on YouTube. Anyway, curves are in at the moment, it’s cool to have a big butt nowadays so take advantage of the Kim Kardashian influence.