There are all sorts of reasons people give for breaking up with someone. Usually these are just excuses as they don’t want to hurt their soon to be ex partners feelings. The following are some of the worst excuses I have read while scanning the internet.
A partner’s excessive sex toy collection features on a bizarre list of reasons why Britons have ended a relationship.
Refusing to wash his Sunday league football kit, a creepy nan and leaving the toilet seat up were among the strangest break-up reasons revealed by men.Bad aftershave, heavy breathing and not cutting his fingernails were among those offered by women.



Top 5 strangest break-up reasons (by men)

1. ‘She had too many s&x toys, which was a bit intimidating to be honest.’

2. ‘She repeatedly ignored requests to leave the toilet lid up, which affected my ease of use.’

3. ‘Her nan kept giving me the eye, and it creeped me out.’


4. ‘I faced the embarrassment of playing in a dirty kit when it wasn’t washed in time for the weekend.’

5. ‘My mates told me she was ugly all the time and I couldn’t take the banter.’

Top 5 strangest break-up reasons (by women)

1. ‘The way he pronounced certain words really wound me up’.


2. ‘He wore an aftershave that I hated so I finished with him.’

3. ‘He never flushed the loo so he had to go.’

4. ‘He didn’t cut his finger nails often enough which made me feel physically ill.’

5. ‘His constant heavy breathing just got too annoying’.


Taken from Metro News