Credit: Bonus Round via YouTube

The greatest answer of all time

Credit: Top5Central via YouTube

Steve Harvey was driven to hysterics by this contestant’s answer on Family Feud. When asked for a word that commonly follows pork, instead of saying “chop” or “pie”, this player decided on “-upine”… as in, porcupine. An interesting choice, to say the least, and one that Harvey described as “the greatest answer of all time”.

You’ve got WHAT now?

Credit: Top5Central via YouTube

Announcing that you’ve got diarrhoea on national television is an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. While untangling this anagram, both contestants confidently claimed: “I’ve got diarrhoea” when asked for their answers. While it may be the correct response, it didn’t stop the host and the audience from bursting into laughter.

That’s a different film entirely

Credit: Worst Things Ever! via YouTube

This contestant was left kicking himself when he confidently – yet incorrectly – answered “k”, throwing away an easy $600. Was it the stress of being on TV? Anxiety induced by the stares of the crowd? Whatever the reasoning, it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to watch A Streetcar Named Desire ever again.

A married couple might be deeply in…?

Credit: Bonus Round via YouTube

Being put on the spot on a game show is an unenviable position, with hundreds of thousands of people watching you across the nation. For this lady, the pressure seemed to be too much, answering “marriage” when asked: “A married couple might be deeply in what?” Yikes, talk about embarrassing! Worse still, she walked away with a total score of 0 points.

Turkey, turkey, turkey!

Credit: theSeanGshow via YouTube

If you stick to the same answer, you’re bound to eventually get one question right. At least, this was this contestant’s tactic. When asked to name something most people take to the beach, what you might buy in a supermarket, and what is often stuffed, this man answered turkey for all three, causing the crowd to erupt into fits of laughter.

Survey says… That’s stupid

Credit: Good Mythical Morning via YouTube

Name something a doctor might pull out of a person. Do you have your answer ready? It can’t be worse than this woman’s response, who answered “a gerbil”, before immediately regretting the words that left her lips. The audience erupted into laughter as the contestant stood there, willing the ground to swallow her up. Bet she’ll never live that down.

He’s not wrong!

Credit: theSeanGshow via YouTube

Steve Harvey has received some baffling answers over his years of hosting TV game shows, but this one confused him more than any prior response. When asked to name something a burglar wouldn’t want to see when breaking into your home, this contestant boldly yelled: “Naked grandma!” Technically, he’s not wrong… But it wasn’t quite the match they were looking for.

Owls have ink?

Credit: Jean Arthur via YouTube

You can see the instant regret on this contestant’s face after she confidently answered “owl” when asked about which animals often activate an ink sac. She’d barely let the host finish reading the question before she delved straight in, showing the importance of taking your time. At least she didn’t choose D, Paris Hilton!

How the tables turn

Credit: The Chase via YouTube

In a strange turn of events, this game show host was the one that provided the fail! When this contestant chose 7 hours and 20 minutes as the world’s longest movie trailer, host Bradley Walsh asked the contestant if he’d been drinking, before boldly declaring that his answer was completely wrong. Turns out, the contestant was right – leaving Walsh eating humble pie.

That’s a type of bean?

Credit: Good Mythical Morning via YouTube

Name a type of bean, other than baked. String, perhaps? Maybe soya? Nope, this celebrity contestant decided on… lesbian. Yep, apparently, a lesbian is a type of bean – who knew? As soon as the answer leaves his lips, you can see the embarrassment spread across his face, cowering as the audience howls with laughter.