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Coupons and receipts

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It’s understandable if you have just one or two coupons that you are saving to get that free cup of coffee, but it’s an issue when a pile starts to form at the back of the car. Not only is it messy, but now you’ve got so many that 90% of them have most likely expired!

Plastic water bottles

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First of all, you literally have an entire kitchen cabinet full of reusable water bottles, so why are you buying these plastic water bottles anyways? Not only will you be doing your car’s cleanliness a favor by taking these unnecessary bottles out, but you’ll actually be saving money once you stop buying them too!

Spare change

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That’s such an impressive pile of coins you’ve got right there! Do you know what else you’ve got? Tonnes of bacteria. Think about how often money gets exchanged from one person to another, now think about the types of people it can reach before it gets to you – gross right? Save yourself the illness and get them out the car!

Cosmetics and lotions

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We get it, everyone needs soft, supple hands and lips at all times. However, this is no excuse for keeping lotion and lip balm in the car. High levels of heat can cause the products to go bad or lose its potency, so not only are you saving yourself from having a messy, liquid-filled car, but you’ll actually be saving money by not letting your products die on you.

Outdoor gear

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Your life is an adventure, but not to the point where you need all your camping gear just in case you go camping on a Tuesday evening. Carve out some storage elsewhere for your stuff in between your weekend warrior excursions and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the bottom of your trunk again.

Too many reusable totes

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How many tote bags do you have taking advantage of a free ride in your trunk or the backseat? Probably too many. Of course, keeping one or two handy is super convenient when you’re out running errands, but you definitely don’t need a mountain of them! Check in with your local food pantry to see if they’ll take your extras off your hands.

Crayons and markers

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If you thought it was a chore to clean your kiddo’s “artwork” from the walls at home, now imagine cleaning it from your cars interior… and no – it doesn’t come out as easy. Crayons can melt, markers can leak and they can all lead to a big mess in your car if you store them within the vehicle. Save yourself the tears, and make the car a ‘no-crayons-zone’.

Gym clothes and sneakers

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Well done for getting to the gym! But you don’t have to let everyone know you’ve been working out by leaving the sweaty clothes in the car for every passenger to smell. Not to mention that sweaty clothes and sneakers can actually become moldy if you leave them in the car for too long. All around, it’s best to just take them straight out of the vehicle as soon as you can.


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Putting the huge security risk of leaving anything valuable in your car aside, prolonged exposure to fluctuating temperatures in a car can ruin your battery life and reduce performance and all around cause immense damage to the device! Let alone the huge risk of there being a fire caused if your laptop is left overheating in a hot car.

Too many emergency items

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Of course, it is good to be prepared for the unexpected. However, if you attempt to plan for every single possible scenario, then you might find yourself struggling to find that particular item in an actual real emergency. You need to be realistic about the likelihood of certain situations, for example: you don’t need to keep tire chains in your trunk all year long!


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If flat, lukewarm beverages are your thing, then by all means – keep as many soft drinks as you like in your car. Otherwise, it’s best to get rid. They take up precious cupholder space, can harbor bacteria, and run the risk of spilling. If you’re no longer drinking it, throw it away.


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Keeping lighters in your car is extremely dangerous. The high temperatures within your vehicle can sometimes cause the products to explode, potentially resulting in deadly fires. Most cars have an in-vehicle lighter anyway, meaning that hoarding Zippos and the like is relatively futile.


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You might be tempted to keep a slew of snacks on hand in your car, perfect for when you get stuck on your commute home from work. However, choosing the wrong snacks can result in them going stale or moldy. Stick to goods like chips or crackers to keep your snacks in tip-top condition.


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If you have a modern motor and are subscribed to a streaming service, there’s little reason to keep clinging onto your CD collection. Take out the bulky cases, freeing up your glove compartment for more beneficial items. If you’re car is on the older side, simply choose some of your favorite tunes to cling on to.

Food waste

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When you’re done eating your takeaway treat, it can be all too easy to horde on to the waste. Not only does it create an unappealing look, it can also attract numerous bugs and beasties to your motor. Furthermore, keeping food waste will also result in harmful bacteria festering away in your footwell.

Outdated air fresheners

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It can be easy to go nose blind in your car, being so used to spending time inside of your own motor. Ensure that every month or so you change your car’s air freshener, keeping your vehicle smelling fresh. Ask your passengers about your car’s scent for a quick way to discover if your fragrance needs changing.


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It’s always a good idea to coat your backseat with a blanket, protecting your leather seats from marks and stains. What’s not a good idea, however, is never taking the blanket out for a wash. Put it through the washer every once in a while, it’ll save your passengers from breathing in any stale scents.


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If you’re short on space at home, it may be tempting to store your weights in your trunk, getting them out only when you plan on using them. Doing so, however, will result in a great deal of wear and tear on your suspension, alongside resulting in your car guzzling an excess amount of gas.


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Some people keep jewelry in their car as a way to keep their outfit options open, allowing them to mix up their bling at a moment’s notice. Keeping all of your accessories in your car, however, will make it a prime target for thieves. Not only will your precious gems be stolen, but there may also be significant damage to your car.

Car products

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Of course, you need to keep an array of car products inside your car – deicers, spare water, jump cables, and ice scrapers are all vital pieces of equipment for any petrol head. Make sure that these items are still in good quality and are in date, throwing away any outdated, useless products.


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Most medication has specific storage instructions, with excessive levels of heat changing how the tablets function. Keeping them in your car, therefore, may result in the medication becoming defective. Read the labels of your meds to discover the most ideal storage locations.


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Many people keep deodorant in their car in case they’re in a pinch, freshening themselves up on particularly sweaty summer’s days. However, the levels of heat that your vehicle houses can result in roll-on deodorants melting – resulting in a wasted product and a lengthy clean up.


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It should go without saying that you shouldn’t keep your pets in your car. Even if you’re just popping into the shop for a few minutes, your furry friend should never be left abandoned. Not only are they at a high risk of dehydration and overheating, but they may be stolen by thieves.


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You should never leave your children unattended. Leaving them in the passenger seat of your car while you nip into the shops may seem like a common occurrence, but it should be avoided at all costs. They can overheat and dehydrate, alongside being put at risk of being kidnapped by predators.

Paint cans

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Keeping paint cans in your car is a surefire way to spend your afternoon scrubbing off paint from your trunk. If the can has been opened, remove it from your car immediately – there’s a high risk it’ll spill. Even if it’s sealed, paint is best kept in a cool, dry location to prevent the product from going bad.


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If you’re going to keep a pair of glasses in your car, ensure that they’re safely put inside a glasses case or in your glove box. Failing to do so can result in the frame being warped out of shape – or, in a worst case scenario – it can cause a devastating fire.

Phones and tablets

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You should never keep electronics in your car. Even if you use your iPad for navigational purposes, ensure that it leaves the vehicle when you do. Keeping it on display will result in thieves targeting your motor, resulting in shattered windows and expensive insurance claims.

Those big donation bags

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We’ve all been there – stuffed our trunk full of goods we say we’re going to donate to the thrift shop, only to forget about them time and time again. If they’ve been sat in your car for weeks, it’s best to take them out. The extra weight will cause your handling to worsen, alongside your gas consumption going through the roof.


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Keeping sunscreen in your car may seem like a good idea. After all, it’ll protect your skin from those powerful rays when you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam. However, the heat of your vehicle can make the product ineffective, alongside potentially causing it to spill all over your car’s interior.

Your purse

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Where you go, your purse should follow. Leaving your purse on display is an open invite for potential thieves, who’ll resort to any tactic to get inside your car and loot your belongings. Even if you think you’re popping out of your car for just a minute, take it with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Important documents

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Many documents need to be kept in your car – the car’s registration, its MOT records, and its service history are best kept with the vehicle. Other documents, however, should be kept in your home. Anything with sensitive information should be kept in a secure location, away from prying eyes or potential thieves.


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There’s no need to keep your passport in your car. Not only are you at a high risk of identity theft if your entire car gets stolen, but thieves may break into your vehicle purely to steal the sensitive document. Keep your passport in a secure location inside your home, far away from any thieves.


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Of course, groceries need to be kept in your car when you’re driving back from the store. Other than that, they should be removed as soon as possible. Items like milk, frozen goods, and meat can easily spoil with just a slight change in temperature, potentially giving you or your family food poisoning.

Indoor plants

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You may think that keeping indoor plants such as succulents in your car will bring a nice touch of nature to your vehicle. Unfortunately, they won’t survive for long. The high temperatures paired with glaring sunlight will see your leafy pals wither and die. Instead, keep them in your home, as intended.

Aerosol cans

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Keeping aerosol cans in your car is asking for trouble. When these products reach a certain temperature – 120 degrees, to be exact – they run the risk of exploding. Not only is this a danger for you, it can be dangerous for other people – if the explosion happens while you’re on the road, you run the risk of crashing.


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Having general pieces of trash laying about your car isn’t a good look. Not only is it relatively off-putting to any potential passengers, but it’s also extremely unhygienic. Bacteria and mold will eventually form, alongside bugs, bees, and wasps all flocking to your motor’s interior.

A trash can

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Having a makeshift trash can in the back of your car is a great way to avoid any unwanted pieces of rubbish, with your passengers having a place to throw away their wrappers. However, you want to ensure that you change your car bin daily. Otherwise, your car will stink to high heaven in no time.


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Needless to say, storing chocolate in your car is asking for trouble. Keeping it in your trunk while you drive back from the store is acceptable… Anything else? You’re going to be greeted with a sloppy, half-melted mess that’ll attract all sorts of bugs and beasties to your car.

Wet clothing

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After a day at the beach it’s tempting to run inside and head straight to the shower, leaving your wet clothes in your car. Doing so, however, will fill your motor with a musty stench that’s hard to get rid of, alongside running the risk of your garments harboring mold.


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You may think that keeping a flashlight in your car is a great idea, saving you from being stranded in the dark if your car suddenly breaks down. However, if your flashlight is battery operated, it may be best to leave the tool at home. The high heat inside your motor could break the item, alongside causing potential battery fluid leakage.